Thursday, October 26, 2006

My thoughts on Casey Coleman

I have read the latest article on Casey Coleman today on Things don't look too good for him right now. It's very important now to pray for Casey and his family, that God give them strength for the days that follow. Like everybody else, I'd love to see a miracle, but I know God's in control, and he will continue to get glory from all this.

From all I've read, I see Casey had hit the bottle hard in days past. Several years ago Casey gave his heart to the Lord. I remember as a young Christian witnessing to people and telling them that life would be better once you gave your heart to the Lord. I'm glad I never had to try to explain about one who surrenders to God, then gets cancer.

But I'm also glad that God has those who can witness His goodness through their suffering. I'm glad that Casey has never publically blamed God for his current situation.

I hate cancer. I lost my sister and two aunts to cancer. I've lost many co-workers to cancer. One comes on our radios or televisions and becomes part of our lives. In my life I can name quite a few people we've lost to cancer. Jim Runyon, Ron "Captain Penny" Penfound, Nev Chandler, the list goes on.

Keep on fighting Casey. I'm behind you. If we don't meet in this life, I'll meet you around the throne. In the meantime, you, your wife, and daughters are in my prayers.


RIPJoelRose said...

Once again Cliff you have expressed many of my thoughts. I also hope and pray for Casey and his family. Take care.

Rich in Medina said...

Through my binoculars, I saw Casey and his family on the sidelines at the start of the Browns game Sunday. They were taking pictures and looked to be enjoying the moment. I was touched that Romeo Crennel took the time right before the kickoff to come over to Casey and shake his hand and offer him what I assume were good wishes. While his coaching may be under fire, it appears that Crennel understands that there are more important things in life than just winning football games. Like you, my thoughts are with Casey and his family.