Saturday, October 07, 2006

Weekend Update

Hello everybody, I'm 74WIXYgrad, and you're not(apologies to Chevy Chase)

From the pressbox:Rittman Homecoming-Rittman played their homecoming game Friday night, against neighboring school Norwayne. Norwayne's marching band is about the same size as Rittman's with a very impressive little drum line. Eric Ratica, Norwayne band director was a drummer, so his emphesis has been to put together a neat drum line.

New tunes in this week's program was themes from "Peter Gunn" and "Secret Agent" It was a near flawless performance by both myself and the band.

Up nextfor Rittman Band:Next Saturday, we go to Milan for the Edison Festival of Marching Bands. Emceeing this show, will be Dick Goddard.

Trip to Nelsonville: This week we took the Mrs. WIXYmobile to Nelsonville to see WIXY jr. in college. I took Adam a meatloaf and some breakfast "burritos". He seems to be doing fine adapting to college life. His biggest adjustment is living with others in the dorm. However when I was cooking for him this past week, he told me to fix enough food for six people. Note to newsnomore: There was no need for refried beans.

Back to the game: During Friday's game, Norwayne was easily handling Rittman(mainly freshmen and sophomores playing). The first quarter alone Norwayne scored 29 points, on way to a 57-14 win for them. Anyway during a touchdown run one of their receivers was going into the end zone unopposed and jumped into the end zone. The officials rightfully penalized Norwayne for this. Hopefully the receiver got benched for the remainder of the game. Also hopefully I would be typing this if a Rittman player done the same. Sage advice has been to act as if you've been there before.


Anonymous said...

What is your son taking at Hocking? Wasn;t the Paul Bunyan fest this weekend? Did you check it out? I went to OU and had some friends who went to Hocking. That is my favorite area of Ohio.

74WIXYgrad said...

My son is taking music at Hocking. I didn't check it out, but you are correct about the Paul Bunyan fest. Thanks for checking out my blog, and come back again.