Sunday, October 29, 2006

I Have a Byline

The Rittman edition of The Post, one of ten community editions of The Post newspapers, from Trogdon Publishing in Rittman, Ohio, took my article of the Rittman Band Show, condensed it, put it on the front page, and gave me the byline.

Thanks to the Post for helping give the band the recognition they deserve. Also thanks for keeping my paragraph in there recognizing Ed Sims, Becky Cline and Joe Magnacca, as they have a tendency to not take the credit they deserve.

One minor correction, and this is my fault more than anyone elses. The photograph, taken by the way, by my daughter Sylva, was of the awards presentation, and was of all the bands. The Rittman seniors receiving their trophy, are in the picture on the upper right.

Support your local band. Rittman tag day is this Saturday, November 4.

P.S. To the Worlds Greatest Band Boosters(WGBB). You are now official with that title. It says so in The Post.

Also: I am now putting in a plug for my friends at the Rittman IGA, where you can pick up a copy of the Rittman Post, as well as the best fried chicken in Rittman.

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