Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The WIXY's Gone Bananas Guide to Fine Dining in Rittman and Surrounding Areas

Updated October 18, 2006

Rittman, Ohio. Population about 6,300, and sometimes it seems that there are that many pizza places there . We also have that mass transit sandwich place and the fast food place, named after male royalty.

I am here today to post about two of the finer places in the greater Rittman area.

The Depot
80 S. Grant Street

The town of Rittman was named after Frederick B. Rittman, who was the treasurer of The Atlantic and Great Western Railroad, so it is fitting that the town has a restaurant inside an old railroad depot.

The restrauant itself is very cozy inside, and busy most of the time they're open. They have a basic menu, but the food is very good and prices are reasonable. Best time to go there is for breakfast, but for the health conscious, they have a great chef's salad on their menu.

Crawford's Dari Delite and Eatery
1005 E. Ohio Ave.

Bill and Linda Crawford are probably one of the hardest working couples in Rittman. In addition to this restaurant, they also own a beauty shop and a bed and breakfast in town. They took their ice cream stand, expanded the menu and kept it going all year(when my mother was terminally ill 2-1/2 years ago, she looked forward to hot fudge sundaes from the Dari Delite)
The purchased the old Hardees building, and after several months of hard work in cleaning the place and getting it up to code, they opened a full service restaurant this past winter.

Thet still have all their ice cream treats(my wife loves the chunky monkey sundae) They also serve full meals, and have daily specials. One day recently their special was beans and cornbread. The food is moderately priced and they also have a drive through.

The neat thing about them being open at 6:00am is if you dont have time to pack a lunch for work, Crawfords will pack one for you.

Oh yeah, trucks and R.V.'s are welcome.

Update: October 18 was a vacation day for me so my wife and I took the MrsWIXYmobile to nearby Orrville for lunch at:

Dravenstotts Restaurant
410 W. High Street

Dravenstotts has one of the best soup and salad bars in Wayne County(same folks own the Barn in Smithville). Several kinds of homemade soups, homemade bread, and a host of ingredients to make the ultimate "lettuce sundae". If you order a soft drink or coffee, the soup and salad bar is only $4.99. The rest of the menu is very affordable.

Tell them you read about them in WIXY's Gone Bananas. They'll say huh?

Oh, and happy dining.

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