Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Segue

As I await photos from my daughter from the band show, I am building a bridge to my next subject matter. I was going to go the hokey route and award "golden bananas", which would make some sense to some who are younger than 40 years of age, and don't know the significance of my blog title. But right now I am thinking along the lines of heroes, and in the course of the past year, I've seen quite a few heroes cross my path.

Back to the Rittman Band. Last November 4, we were coming back on the bus from Rittman's first football playoff game since the eighties, not knowing if there would be a football team or marching band. Voters had turned down the operating levy several times, and fall sports were in danger of being cut altogether.

It was then decided by the school board that sports would be pay to participate. Here is where the heroes come in. Enter WGBB, or if you've just tuned in, Worlds Greatest Band Boosters(tm). Due to their fund raising efforts, they were able to pay the way for all band members. These folks are incredible. They are some of the most unselfish group of folks around.

Ed Sims and Becky Cline have put in countless hours over the years that I've the pleasure to be associated with the band, showing patience when they had to make a withdrawl from a more than likely overdrawn patience bank. Not only did they have to control 40 student musicians, but I'm sure they had worries about what a certain announcer was up to, or if he would make the show.

And most importantly the aforementioned 40 student musicians. This year I thought the band was the best sounding band I have had the PLEASURE to announce for. Also they showed me the utmost of respect this year, and that is a testament to their upbringing. Good job parents.

I was told by Ed Sims after the show on Saturday that my option was picked up for next year. I am counting down the days.

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