Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Piece of Childhood Lost

I remember in the seventies on Saturday mornings, watching the children shows on CBS, which at the time was WJW, or ei8ht in Cleveland(look at the dot over the "i"). I know at the time I wasn't supposed to watch as I was too old, but cartoons have always been a vahicle of escape for me. In between the shows was a segment called "In the News", narrated by Christopher Glenn. It dealt with current events topics that would be of interest to young people back in those days. Christopher Glenn was also the vioce of the space program for CBS news then. I was checking forums this morning, and on the classic television forum at, I noticed a thread giving tribute to Christopher Glenn, who passed away yesterday, October 17, at the age of 68. May you rest in peace Chris. Pray for his family.

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