Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Midweek Check in

Back to work meant time to catch up with things that weren't done while I was gone. When you are quality assurance, nobody takes over for you when you are gone.

We are now 17 days away from a new addition to the family. This time it will be a son-in-law, but that's okay. He has a pick up truck, so I will know who to go to when I need something hauled away. He's also a good guy.

As I mentioned last week, I traded cars with WIXYjr. The problem with the now (temporary) WIXYmobile is that it changes it's own oil. For an '89 Toyota, it doesn't drive bad, but I will have to eventually get a new (to me) WIXYmobile. Since I drive over 500 miles a week, I don't want anything fancy. I'd just tear it up anyway.

The WGBB(tm) spaghetti dinner netted over 1200 dollars. That's a lot of spaghetti!

Remember that school is now or soon will be out for the summer. Hopefully all students will be outside enjoying the weather and not in front of their computers or video games. Let's do our part to encourage that and drive carefully going through residential neighborhoods.

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