Saturday, June 02, 2007

Great Food, Great Music

Friday, June 1 was the first day of Summer vacation for the Rittman students. I remember the first day of vacation as a time to do nothing, but to the student musicians of Rittman High School, it was a time for one last performance before hanging the instruments up for the next almost 8 weeks.

For the parents, it was a time to make one great big spaghetti dinner, instead of a quiet Friday night dinner with just the family.

Both groups combined to give the town an evening to remember. The World's Greatest Band Boosters put together the world's greatest spaghetti dinner, complete with bread sticks, salad, cake, and something to drink. I can assure you, nobody left hungry and everybody left satisfied. By the way, that is Mrs74WIXYgrad sitting with the grandchildren. Helping to serve the meals were the band members. After helping to serve the meals, it was time to get into concert clothes, and showtime was upon us. First up was PANomenon, the steel drum band. Under the direction of Ed Sims, they played several selections from their concert appearances from the past school year. One side note: My granddaughter, who is deaf, enjoyed the steel drums last night by putting her hands on the table and feeling the vibrations from the "pans."

After a brief intermission, it was time for the jazz band to take the stage. Once again many selections from a critically acclaimed concert season were performed. Both bands took the stage one more time and entertained a growing audience, who at one point, were overflowing the MOP room. Tables were set up in the hallway to accomodate the hungry crowd.

Students were out in the hallway selling CD's of the Jazz and Steel Drum bands. For $5.00 apiece, proceeds also going to the band, that was also a great entertainment value.

At the end of the evening you had many tired, but satisfied volunteers, both student and boosters. The students gave a great performance despite the fact that they were giving up the first day of summer vacation, and they weren't being graded for their effort.

For the night, I give Ed Sims, the Jazz and Steel Drum bands, and the WGBB all an A+++++.

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