Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sign of the times?

It's rare that I agree with something that originates at a local watering hole, but this caught my eye.

I was on my way to the IGA to get something light to eat. I'd say that I had a touch of the flu, but this didn't touch me. I was body slammed. Any way, going into town I saw this on a whiteboard at Dom's. On my way back I was going to take a picture of it with the at&t/WIXYphonecam. However when I got to the IGA, I discovered that I forgot my wallet.

I went home to get my wallet and picked up the WIXYcam, and on my way back, I took a picture of the board.

I had heard that the Rittman football program was in dire trouble this year, due to either lack of interest or lack of money.

As my faithful readers know, any extracurricular activities in the Rittman School system is pay to participate. Now groups like the WGBB and the WGASB(World's Greatest All Sports Boosters) do their best to help offset these fees, and hopefully the towns businesses do what they can to help.

Another problem is that the coaches are not full time employees of the Rittman Exempted Village School District, and it's questioned whether or not, that some of these coaches have a fulltime interest in these student athletes. I heard rumblings around town that this may be especially true with the football coaching staff.

I went out for football in high school. I wasn't very good, but I think that my participation in extracurricular activities kept me in school. WIXYjr wasn't interested in sports at all, but he found his niche in the drama club. That helped him in his struggles in school.

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