Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tux fitting time

Time to pick up tuxedos tonight. MrsWIXYmobile is in the shop with a leak in the brake line and you know about the WIXYjrmobile, so we were down to the(maybe not so) temporary WIXYmobile. So we got into it, myself, Mrs74WIXYgrad, WIXYjr, and my grandson, WIXY-III the first, and we went to Canton to make sure the monkey suits fit. They did, and I promise pictures after the wedding, suitable for framing.

Orange barrels in full bloom: Not thinking, on my way back to the WIXY ranch I took I-477, and they were resurfacing the road and it was down to one lane. I keep thinking some community that doesn't have their own festival and is located off the interstate should celebrate this great nuisance and have Orange Barrel Days, and celebrate the state flower of Ohio.

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