Monday, May 05, 2008

Answering a Question from Down Under

G'day Mate: I had a visitor here this past weekend, a result of my surfing the blogosphere. David McMahon comes here from Australia, but he found me through one of Liquid's friends, named Lime.

David's site is called authorblog. I went there this past weekend and did some exploring. One of the posts he wrote over the weekend asked the question about how we choose our friends. David challenged us to answer this during the week and link back to him. So I have linked back to him twice in the same paragraph.

I'm not going to tell him how I do it in Ohio or the United States, but rather the way I do it at WIXY's Gone Bananas.

Everybody who comes here on a regular basis knows that I am all about promoting those blogs I read. I do it for several reasons. If they come and leave comments, then they get a plug. If you promote me, I promote you. If I sense one of my blogging friends is going through a rough time, I will post something leading others to their blogs. My I like...because series began as a way to help one of you that was going through a bad spell.

I choose my blogging friends the same way I choose my friends here where I'm physically at. If they show that they genuinely like me then they're my friend. I'm not a fake person either in real life or on the world wide web and I have very little to offer besides my friendship.

So I urge you to go see authorblog(third link) and check out David's work. Just keep in mind that when you get there, it may be tomorrow. But when David comes back to check out your blog, it will be tomorrow.


Bella said...

Wixy, you always have been good about supporting other people's blogs. It's nice to have blog friends like you!


lime said...

well thanks for the linky-lovin. it never ceases to amaze me how we bounce around out on the web and bump into each other and finds friends. :)

Monday through Sunday said...
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Monday through Sunday said...

Had a crazy, busy, wonderful day..need to get children to bed..but wanted you to know I was here and How-day!!

Struke said...

WIXY...You are as real as it gets. A true guy. Once school lets out for me, I'll be up for more chicken!

Michelle said...

I'll have to go read when I have more time. You find so many interesting people, Cliff. :-)

I have a challenge/tag for you. Simple and interesting. (although I must confess that my first two book choices turned out to be so boring I went with number 3!)

david mcmahon said...

G'day Cliff,

Thank you for the link. Very kind of you.

Yes, I'm a big fan of Lime's - as you probably know by know.

Take cre, have a great weekend (it's Friday night here) and do keep in touch.

Cheers, mate