Friday, May 09, 2008

Howard Stern would make a great blogger

As I write this post, I am in the process of reading "Private Parts," Howard Stern's first book. I bought the book at Goodwill for a buck. Why are you reading this, you may ask. Well, I like stories about how people made it in media. I also want to know why Howard Stern has come to be regarded as the King of Media.

I expected to see some filth in the book, and I wasn't disappointed in that regard as the book is vulgar in many places. I do find that in all his irreverance, Howard has some ideas that are common with mine. He blasts republicans and democrats equally. Still not a reason for me to be a regular listener, especially at 12.95 a month.
I find myself laughing at some of the things he has said he's done. I could never do them, but then again, neither could more than 99% of the population.

Howard Stern either has had a veeerry interesting life or he's very creative when it has come to chronicaling his life. I think he has embellished quite a bit.

One thing that I was particularily amused about was the hate mail he has received over the years. Some of this hate mail has come from very informed sources. If you don't like what he has to say-turn the dial! Also complain to the station. They're not going to use the communication as cannon fodder. Howard does and makes himself the good guy. People are saying all the time that he's a genius, something Howard Stern disputes. He says Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, and Jonas Salk, who discovered the polio vaccine, were geniuses and he's not. I admire his honesty on that subject.

But the blogging world is being cheated. Howard Stern should have a blog either on Blogger or Wordpress. The blogosphere should have the opportunity to either read or ignore a Howard Stern blog. Or his producer, Gary Dell'Abate, could come up with the Baba Booey blog. Or Robin Quivers could have one. I think that one would be very interesting.

So Howard, if this radio thing doesn't work out, come to blogger.

Cliff Note:Do you all think I have enough links for a few cheap hits?


yekimi said...

I do not listen to Howard Stern. He took the lazy, easy way out by just talking about T & A and other disgusting things. It doesn't take ANY talent to do that on the radio.

74WIXYgrad said...

yekimi: I agree with your statement totally. I did not listen when he was on WNCX and I sure as heck wouldn't pay dollars a month to listen to him on Sirius. I get tickled at those who complain about him, but know about all the bits on his show. Reminds me of the time years ago when I was sitting in church waiting on the service to begin. these two ladies were talking about how much they didn't like listening to Gary Dee, then proceeded describing his bits. It's true that negative publicity is better than no publicity at all.

I'm sure Howard would agree with you as far as the talent aspect is concerned. But the fact of the matter is that people listen. And they talk about it.

I got the book for 2 reasons. One, the price was right, and two, I always like to read about about people in a business I once dreamed to be in.

You go around to some of the blogs and those that chronicle someone's sex life will get more comments on one post then I get hits in one day. As far as bloggers are concerned, I am probably the anti Howard Stern.

At the end of the day, I can go to bed knowing someone came to this blog and left feeling better.

Monday through Sunday said...

Re: Cliff note ~ Cheater ~ lol

I have heard how bad he is but I really do not think I have ever heard him in real life.

Bella said...

I'm not sure I can say that I'm a huge Howard Stern fan, but I do believe that would be an interesting read indeed.

And you're right, if you don't like what he has to say, turn the channel. No biggie.

Have a good weekend!

=) Bella

74WIXYgrad said...

Melanie, one thing that impresses me about Howard's fans is that they are very devoted to him. They are walking proof that the word "fan" is short for fanatic.

Think of all the Christians who waste their breath telling others how "evil" Stern is. If they would use the same passion to show people how good God is, think of the impact it would have on churches. People like Howard Stern are used in what I would like to call "softball preaching," and preachers and evangelists use this to get cheap "amens" from the congregation.

And Bella, I have written posts that prove that negative publicity is better than no publicity last summer when I wrote a post about one of the afternoon radio hosts in my home area. I posted a link on one of the area message boards and got several hits and comments from the complex where the radio station was located. I found out that playing "jerk blogger" gets you hits. People like having things to complain about.

Pat Jenkins said...

not a stern fan myself tough time putting up with it... movie wasn't all that either. but enjoy the book... i was disappointed to see you didn't talk about your experience at papa john's.....

david5258 said...

cliff--since pat brought up the subject, DID YOU GET ANY 23CENT PIZZA???--david5258

74WIXYgrad said...

In regards to the 23 cent pizza: NO! My time is more valuable than waiting hours in a line for a 23cwnt pizza.

cathouse teri said...

I'm not sure how I feel about Monsieur Stern. I haven't really listened to him. I have friends who worship him. But they're kinda crazy. (And when I say someone's cracy, you know they are crazzzeeeeeeee!)

Right now, I'm just fine living without him.

yekimi said...

Oh, I read the book also. It was interesting.I used to write jokes for morning DJs and although a few had double meanings [depending on how your mind worked], they were not flat out filthy. Quit writing for them when I started on air myself.....should have stuck to just writing the jokes!

Pat Jenkins said...

wish mrs. wixy a happy mother's day for me cliff!!!!

Liquid said...

Howard Stern............

Now, when I lived in New York, he was a large part of my breakfast hour.
When I lived in Miami, he became a part of my lunch hour.
Now, as I live the more simple life back home in Mississippi, well, I no longer listen, nor watch him.

Guess it all depends on who you are and where you're at in your life.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Liquid learns from WIXY she does......everyday!

I admire his balls though.
Freedom of speech.........
yeah, you know I am a big fan of that!