Sunday, May 04, 2008

A tumble, a scare, and a reminder

Yesterday it was raining here in northeast Ohio, sometimes hard. I walked inside a building a, slipped and fell on the floor, landing on my left knee. I am at an age where any fall will scare those close to me, but a fall on that knee is even more frightening. I had that knee replaced 7 years ago February 22. As I type these words, all I feel is a little pain and some stiffness. I walk fine, and there is some bruising. I was fortunate.

Another time I was fortunate was about 24 years ago. I was doing some work in the garage, and added some transmission fluid to my car. I set the can and funnel aside, intending to put things up and I put the funnel inside a plastic cup. The cup had a picture of the Pink Panther on it. Our daughter, Martha, who was 2 at the time picked up the cup and drank some of the transmission fluid. We are very fortunate that there is a hospital within 10 minutes of our house. We went to the emergency room where they took care of the situation. One of the reasons we spent so much time there was they kept asking Martha questions, mainly because her speech was advanced for her age. They would call staff from other parts of the hospital to hear her. I WAS LUCKY. It could have been much worse.

This memory was spurned by a very sad post by Liquid this past weekend. I first learned about it in the comments in this blog and later in the prayer requests at Seek Him First. Her Lab, Daisy Duke, got into some antifreeze a week ago and was poisoned. She had to be put down. Liquid and her family feel a deep loss over that.

Anyone who has even been around a car that's been overheating know that antifreeze has a sweet taste to it. If you have a leak in your cooling system, please get it taken care of. If you fill your radiator and spill some coolant on the ground, please clean it up. Animals are attracted to that sweet taste, but as we know, it will cause someone's pet to die a very painful death. Both for the pet and the family it belongs to.

And if you haven't done so already, go over to Liquid Illuzion and give Suzanne your regards.


stacys1175 said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you fell I hope your knee gets better. that is so sad about Suzanne dog I dont know what I would do if something like that every happened to my dog it's very sad. Big hug hope you get feeling better-stacy

Pat Jenkins said...

good advice wixy and take care of yourself.