Saturday, May 17, 2008

Keeping Identities Secret

Sometimes you don't know what direction this blogging thing takes you.

I am going to further dwell on my last post. I'm glad for the comments I got on it. They come from people whom I respect greatly. Bella tells a lot about her life when she's blogging but her identity is something she keeps secret. When her husband checks in on the comment page, he checks in as "Clark Kent," further bringing light to the secret identity. She was also one who commented frequently on the now retired "Life of a Valley Girl." Bella and I have a good relationship on blogger, even though until today we have never contacted each other, even by email.

Melanie(Monday Through Sunday) and I have recently exchanged emails. I mainly send her devotionals. Here on blogger we communicate through comment sections. She puts out mainly a Christian blog, but I'm glad she rung in on this issue. I don't envision her as a reader of "Valley Girl." Melanie is pretty much about respect and does like to have some fun.

And what haven't I posted about Liquid in the past 10-1/2 months? We have become very close friends and we've been privy to things that neither of us would post on either blog. That is what I wouldn't, and haven't, posted. I value our friendship.

My one aim in blogging is to make people feel good about themselves. I originally started emailing Val around Thanksgiving last year. I had seen her blog but felt very uncomfortable commenting on her posts. I told her that along with I thought her blog was interesting. She read my blogs and sent me a reply telling me how much she enjoyed them and also thanked me for not judging her. She also told me that she understood me not feeling comfortable commenting on her posts. We communicated back and forth during the holiday season. None of this left either of our in boxes. I asked her name one time. She didn't tell me and that was that. It was none of my business and I accepted that.

I did find out when her birthday was and posted that. This was after she posted it on her blog. We both had a good time with that. My readers went over there and her readers came here.

As bloggers we have a good time with what we know about each other. I don't think we need to know anything else.


Bella said...

What are you saying Cliff? You don't believe my husband's name is 'Superman'? =)

Actually, my good friends/family call me Bella.

Oh, well, like you said, does it really matter?

=) Bella

74WIXYgrad said...

Here it doesn't matter who you are. I feel that acceptance is the most important thing here.

Nobody I blog with uses their blogs as an anti social statement the way some high school students use their MySpace pages, and Val was no exception. Those who were part of her life were chronicled under assumed aliases.

I went there because she visited here first. I found we had a common bond, which is depression. Mine isn't as severe as hers, and when one of her posts were about it, I would try to leave a word of encouragement. She would always thank me for it.

Monday through Sunday said...

What I like about blogging is all the different people you "meet"..all the different views and opinions. This does not mean that I frequent everyone's blog...but I think that is what makes blogging great..freedom

also ~ thank you for the kind words...I never heard of blogger stalking...

Pat Jenkins said...

well said wixy. maybe i need to come up with a "stage name"...hmmm