Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Honor Student Beat up Your Kid

One of my favorite hangouts lately has been Cathouse Teri's blog, The Road Lester Traveled. I've been visiting her there and she's been visiting me here. When she posts, she always gets many, very interesting, comments.

Some of the comments centered around the "My child is an honor student at...." bumper stickers. I always figured if I placed one of those on one of my vehicles, people would read that and say"if that was such a big deal, you'd be driving something better." I also have heard if someone would put one of those on their BMW or Lexus, it would be sort of like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa.

One of my favorites always was "My kid beat up your honor student." But I had one better in mind based on one of my family.

Our daughter, Martha(of Welcome to My Crazy Life fame) was suspended a few times in middle school and high school for fighting. The last time, in my opinion, was not fair. But anyway she graduated high school with an honors diploma. I always wanted to put a bumper sticker on my car that said "My honor student beat up your kid."

I still haven't seen one that says "My precious child is an honor student at the Mansfield Reformatory."

Or better yet, how about "My dad was trustee of the month at the state pen."


Pat Jenkins said...

i'm a lover not a fighter, so i don't beat up any of God's creatures......

Jessica said...

Made me smile...

cathouse teri said...

That Martha is a fun gal! :)

Martha said...

:) Thanbks Teri!!!

And, Dad, you are very right, the last time was not fair. She said she had a knife...I had to believe her. All I did was shove her out of my way and run (like hell).

But the first (and second) time were totally my own (and the other girl's...same girl all three times) fault.

But how about My Gifted Child threatened to blow up your school...

Liquid said...

At's my Girl!

Well, both of ya's.

Not you, Wixy.

You Da' Man!


The more I listen to this song........the more I like it!


74WIXYgrad said...