Saturday, February 07, 2009

Adventures in WIXYland

Sometimes things go better than planned. WIXYjr was having car problems this past week. The battery kept dying on him. My son in law and I went to where WIXYjr currently lives and put new battery cable ends on his car. I started it up then took it for a drive. While I was at a red light, the radio quit and the dashboard lights went dim. Lights turn green then everything come back on. I got it back to WIXYjr's and shut it off. It wouldn't even turn over again. We figured it was the alternator. I called around and that was going to cost around 300 dollars. We found a salvage yard that worked on cars that had a used one. I took the car in, and he tested everything, tightened the alternator belt, tested it again and charged me 10 dollars. Everything now works better. Can I hear a "praise the Lord"?

Need a laugh? Sometimes the Evil Big Box Store(tm) can supply that for you. Mrs74 and I went there. She had to get some groceries and other items. I finally broke down and got a haircut. That's the thing about the Evil Big Box Store(tm), you can go there buy groceries, clothing, tools, get your oil changed, do your banking, get your nails done, and get a haircut(or style). I'm waiting for them to offer an urgent care center.

I got my haircut and Mrs74 got the items she needed. We are waiting in line to check out and we are behind this lady who did a considerable amount of grocery shopping and for every item she bought, she either had coupons, or ad's from competitors. We switched lines and were behind one other shopper there. We got checked out and the coupon queen was still "negotiating" with her cashier. You know, I wonder if the money that that the coupon queen saved was worth the time she spent going through the ads and the time she spent in line? Things like that give me a chuckle just because I know that there are those around her, including the cashier, who are being extremely irrated as they are spending their valuable time behind this lady. Perhaps there should be a lane there marked "20 coupons or more."

We are enjoying some temperatures in the fifties this weekend. Hopefully the snow will melt away before we get any more.


Ms Hen said...

I read about coupon queens...and they save a lot of money and get faster on their is like everything else I guess...and inquired skill.

SandyCarlson said...

I'm glad that went well for you!

clean and crazy said...

I was a coupon queen, the problem is they stopped giving me coupons for items I can use. So it is no longer worth my time to do so.
I would never get my hair done in that store though, unless I wanted to look like a retired older gentleman who likes to blog.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Amen on the car getting fixed...and cheap!! That almost NEVER happens.
the coupon queen...she may have nothing else to do, but cut coupons. Or perhaps that is her "blogging", you know, her hobby. :)
Urgent care at WM. I will pass. thanks, but no thanks.

coltfan said...

I have to replace alternator on michelle's car too luckily it is right on top of engine so it shouldn't be hard to fix . My granpa rip was king of coupons I used to hate going to store with him when I was a kid lol.

Jen said...

Drat; I was wanting to see you sport a ponytail.
My best haircuts come from Walmart you know!
and I would never have taken you for one of those impatient people in line at the EBBS, do you bump people with your cart too?

74WIXYgrad said...

I have to answer a couple of these comments.

Clean and Crazy: I'm not retired, and some may have questions about the gentleman part.

Jen: My wife was afraid of the pony tail part. I went for the cut because my hair was getting in my eyes and I'm not one who likes to put anything in it to tame it.

And no, I don't bump people with my cart, but I am one who doesn't like waiting real long in the checkout line. Most of the time when I'm by myself I use the self checkout.

Mike Golch said...

at least it was not the problem that I was having the darn car kept shutting down and was had to restart. it turned out that the ignition switch was having an intermitent proble. a new switch and every thing was ok.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I LOVE it when you can get car repairs for cheap... it's such a rarity, I think it should be shouted from the ROOFTOPS!!!

Speaking of good deals, did you know that my hero Clark Howard is now on CNN? Yes, he has his own show! So proud, I am... you'd love it ... it's all about saving money, not getting ripped off, etc.

And as far as the Evil Big Box store, I am with you! Where else can you get tires for you car, underwear, toothpaste, tomato plants, fresh produce, and presciption for amoxicillin? NOWHERE, I tell you. Nowhere.

Hey, you're not close to where that ice floe broke off in Ohio, are you? Hope not... that looked scary on the evening news!

Margaret said...

Its' gonna have to be reeeeally urgent for me to be treated at an EBBS urgent care clinic. Like if I get a bad paper cut from rifling through my 250 coupons while being hit from behind with a cart from a disgruntled blogger.

(Just kidding..I'm not a coupon queen)

Pat Jenkins said...

delilah made samson cut his hair?.... take it easier on coupon cutters my friend!!... i am glad your helping other karma came back to you!!

Awake In Rochester said...

$10 when you were expecting to pay $300. I second that "praise the Lord"!

Daisy said...

Praise the Lord! :) You can say those anytime, but glad your car repairs went well.