Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And now another introduction...

As you can see, my list of friends have been growing quite rapidly in the past couple of months. I have gotten some very impressive followers of my blog.

As I have noted several times in the past month or so, I have some new friends that I consider it an honor that they decided to follow my almost daily musings, recovery bloggers and I'm going to introduce you to one I added to my list last week, Jenn.

Jenn is a recovering alcoholic who writes the blog J-Online. Jen also has been blogging about her recovery at a site called Second Road, where other bloggers have been doing the same. This is a very cool way to encourage others.

Jenn also blogs about everyday life as she travels the road to recovery as a single mother working as a professional. She lets us all look in on her world, and like the other recovery bloggers, shows us how to be grateful for the simple things in life.

So far Jenn has shared 2 parts of her story on Second Road. Part one was posted on January 29. Part two was last Thursday. Check out the story and also go to J-Online and say hi.


Ms Hen said...

Definitely will. This blogland is a really nice way to all grow spiritually and offer support to each other.

I used to read more... and now I'm reading blogs instead. I think this is way nicer.

And hee-hee.. you know people that read instead of watching t.v. are less likely to get Alzheimer. (and interacting with this type of reading is even more good for the mind). A win-win all around.

Bloggers are special people.

enjoy your day cliff... hi to Kathy if she is reading this too. I love her blog. Very resourceful for others dealing with bi-polar in their lives. I had a brother-in-law who was bipolar and I did not know much about it at the time.

J-Online said...

Wow. Thanks so much. I've been away since Friday due to some things going on with my family and was so surprised and grateful to get your e-mail this morning and read this. You're so sweet. Thanks Cliff! Hugs, Jenn

Leesa said...

That's great that your list of friends is growing! You have one in France now, too!! : ) Most of my friends I have here are people I have met from blogging... Mostly Paris bloggers, but I have also had the pleasure to meet other bloggers in France and in Europe, too... It's nice to meet nice folks! Thanks for sharing J-Online with us... I'll go check out her blog now..
Take care, Leesa

clean and crazy said...

I love Jen and I love it when you introduce us to your world of readers. It is such an honor. Thanks Cliff for all you do, I know Jenn will appreciate it and her story she shares will definitely be appreciated by your readers as well.

coltfan said...

I will have to go check her blog out. Thanks
cliff for the introduction.