Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When are numbers all that important?

I was looking around some of the blogs today and saw some posts about this glitch with blogger. It seems that lists of followers on blogs, including this one, have been reduced.

I went from 48 followers last night, to 45 this morning, and added one(thanks Syd) this afternoon.

Whereas those numbers give me bragging rights, they don't impress me overall.

The numbers that impress me are those who come over here to give me encouragement in times of need, those who have commented on the three posts below and those who sent me emails to let me know they were praying for me.

It's those who just come here to say "hi" or those who say "good post Cliff."

Numbers don't impress me. I have felt alone in a crowded building. It feels even worse when you feel alone in a crowded church. It feels better when there are a few around and everyone shows love for each other.

Those are just some thoughts as I try to get back on track. I want to thank everybody who have given me words of encouragement. Please keep praying for Kathy.

Additional Cliff Note: Pay a visit to Stacy's blog, My Thoughts. Stacy has lost 114 pounds. Check out the before and after photos and give her a virtual pat on the back.


Ms Hen said...

(((more hugs)))

Betty Ann

clean and crazy said...

My numbers dropped too. I lost Fireman John and don't know why. Today has been a rough one so I am going to comment along and see how everyone else is doing.

Mike Golch said...

it is not that we lost followers just some were changed to anonous in stead of public.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I agree.. with you. I have lots of
"followers" but most of them never comment, much less read my blog. I don't get that part. I read all the blogs I follow (when time permits)
I have thought of taking off my "followers" because it looks a bit odd to me...having so many.
I do hope things are looking up for you this evening. Whats for dinner???? :)
The glitch I have found w/ blogger today is leaving a comment on the posts that have the embedded comments....yours actually goes to a new window to comment.

Anna M Blanch said...

I've been losing a couple of followers a day - it's weird. So, is there a glitch?

I prefer to focus on those who are attaching me to their feed readers and those who comment, but i wondered if something weird was going on because a couple of followers i seem to have lost are regular commenters...

Michelle Dawn said...

My numbers dropped too but I totally agree with you it's the comments that mean something not the numbers

Syd said...

I keep up with as many blogs as I can. I like commenting and getting comments. I get pearls from so many places. Glad to be following your blog Cliff. Hang in there, buddy.

Awake In Rochester said...

Goggle has been a little pain in the butt. It's also making posts disappear, and reappear. I don't care for that trick.