Thursday, February 05, 2009

I like Michelle Dawn because.....

Michelle Dawn is the brains behind Rusin Roundup. Right now she is going through some struggles with some health issues among other things. I felt that this is a good time to write about her and promote her blog.

Michelle Dawn is one of the bloggers from Terre Haute, Indiana. She is always good to give me props, so I try to return the favor. Her husband, Randy, also writes a blog.

When I was first introduced to her blog, she had mentioned that she worked in retail. I asked her where, and she told me Wal-Mart Supercenter, to which I replied "oh the Evil Big Box Store." She shortened it to EBBS for her own usage, and since left employment there.

Michelle is a good friend to those around her, such as Sindi and Stacy, as well as a good mother to her two children. And she is a real good friend to those of us that she comes in contact with on the blogs. I have gotten numerous awards from her as well as being featured in her now defunct blog, Rusin's Reviews. This past weekend, she went out into the snow and wrote some of her favorite bloggers names in the white stuff, which she featured in photos on her blog. Mine was one of them.

Another thing we have in common was our friendship with Liquid, aka Suzanne. Michelle created her own tribute photo, as well as writing some tribute posts. I know that Suzanne also thought the world of Michelle.

When my brother passed away last March, Michelle was quick to offer me comfort in the way of comments here and emails to me. She also posted something in Ricky's online guest book.

Michelle Dawn has a flair for the fancy, evidenced by the design of her blog. She is also quick to share her world to us through her photography.

There are other times when she will cook and give us her recipes and photos of what she has prepared. With cooking like that, I wonder why her husband, Randy, is such a skinny person? I look at these photos and wish that Terre Haute was less than 6 hours away from my house. Kathy and I would come over for supper.

Go on over to Rusin Roundup and see for yourself that Michelle Dawn is a very unique blogger. And give her a word of encouragement. I'm sure that she and Randy would both appreciate it.


Mike Golch said...

went for a visit,great site.Man hug.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are just too nice....really.
Yes, She is a fab girl...I visit her and she always has something nice to say to me as well!!!

Ms Hen said...

Hi Cliff:

Great Blog.. I was there and enjoyed her writing style. Very Open and Honest.

When you retire Kathy and You should live in an RV and visit all your blogger friends..

I have a tiny guest room and you could tour NYC with her....(and the great traffic (teasing).

You are one of my favorite bloggers and I thank you for introducing me to other great Blogs. I'll be reading Michelle's daily..

Betty Ann

Michelle Dawn said...

Thank you so much Cliff. You are a great friend. I am feeling a little better now and I am more determined than ever to beat this emotional stuff.

Shellmo said...

Michelle is wonderful and I have you to thank for getting connected to her blog!

J-Online said...

Thanks for the new connection! Very cool!

Amias said...

I remember Michelle, and it good to revisit, since I have been of line for a while. Thank you Cliff .. I shall get right on it!

Michelle Dawn said...

Tagged you for the abc meme

Awake In Rochester said...

Very well done Cliff!

I'm not good at putting my feelings into words. Heck, I'm still trying to think of a better word then blog buddy. Blog friend is not perfect either, because I don't consider everyone a friend. lol

coltfan said...

thankyou for giving the wife props , she needed that.