Thursday, January 28, 2010

An idea for some reality shows

This month, I've had more of an opportunity to watch some reality shows, like the staged auditions on American Idol. I've also wanted to go to the Biggest Loser ranch and slap that lady from the red team.

I do have a proposals for some reality shows. One would be The Normal Life where people are just themselves. Another idea would be for a surreal show called The Golden Rule. On this one everybody treats one another like they would like to be treated.

Along the nice lines would be one called Your Mother's Watching. On this one, if you are caught doing something your mother wouldn't approve of, you would either be sent to bed without your supper, or made stand in the corner. And the actual mothers would be the judges. For something real bad, the father would come to the house and take you behind the wood shed. And you would always have to eat your veggies.

Of course right now I'm in a real life reality show called Unemployment. If I win, I get a job. There are too many contestants in this show, and we all need to win.


struke said...

Cliff...all good ideas. In my Mass Comm and Society class, I show clips from good old shows like Sanford 'n Son, All in the Family, Taxi, and others....and then I ask, "could this show be as successful today?" Typically, the answer is, "no, they're too boring." That blows my mind. If it doesn't have tons of sex, dead bodies, car crashes, etc., the show is boring.

Margaret said...

Bring back some sitcoms! Enough of the "reality" stuff. What happened to people writing a script and acting? I know this reality stuff is really cheap to produce, but enough already! Reality...sheesh! It's just over-edited footage of rubes acting badly.

Here ends my soap box rant.

Ben said...

Sadly, Struke up there is probably right. I was just thinking about how good Taxi was. I really do not like the reality shows (although yours would be a hoot!), but I know the networks are in financial trouble and these reality shows are far cheaper to crank out than a decent sitcom or drama. I do wish that writers would get back to trying to be FUNNY and not just SARCASTIC or full of sexual innuendo. But, who listens to us cantankerous old guys anymore?

Frasypoo said...

Reality shows have covered all aspects and need to die a natural death!
Praying for you cliff and the job scenario