Friday, January 01, 2010

Top Bananas go west!


Cliff Note:This post was originally going to go up yesterday afternoon, but the events of the day delayed my writing of it. I want to thank everybody for your support on the last post. I also want to make you aware that I will not use my blog to launch any venom at my former employer as there are some who work there and read this blog. It's also not my style. No on with the Top Bananas!
First I want to say that you folks are great! So far, the awards have achieved one of my goals for them, and you all are checking out my other friends. I hope they all soon become your friends also. They always are fun to present and very much a privilege for me to do. I also get a kick out of the creative streak it brings out in me. Most of the awards are made up as I go along.

Now lets hop in my covered wagon as I go west to present this round of the 2009 Top Bananas.

I first have to go to Arizona, as no one was at their ole' Kentucky home. The Bluegrass Around the Cactus Top Banana goes to Jen, of Unglazed fame. Jen is a great supporter. Her blog has plenty of fascinating photos and she has also hosted a neat feature called A-Z Monday's where participants took the week's letter and posted something concerning a subject that began with that letter.

Now I need to backtrack to Kansas. A first time Top Banana is the Rookie Green Thumb award. This goes to Clean and Crazy, aka Suzie, of My Recovery fame. Suzie has been clean now for close to five years and is very active in Narcotics Anonymous. She is very proud of her daughters and is very supportive of other bloggers. This past summer when my older brother passed away, she sent me a card she had crafted herself that had a photo of her daughter on front. She also took a page from my book and wrote a post called "For Cliff of WIXY's Gone Bananas fame". It was an I Like...because post she dedicated to me.

Another first timer is Speedy, of Speedcat Hollydale Page fame. Speedy receives the You Never Know Where I'll Pop Up Top Banana. He is very avid on both Facebook and Twitter. He is also very creative in his writings and photo shopping himself in many pictures on his blog. And like me, Speedy has an affinity for fried chicken.

The Let's Have a Great 2010 Together Top Banana goes to Michelle Dawn of Rusin Roundup fame. Cliff Note: I know these are the 2009 Top Bananas, but let's face it, 2009 sucked. Michelle Dawn has had bouts of depression and has also, with her husband Randy, struggled with the recent past. But this hasn't stopped her from writing a good blog and supporting her online friends. Michelle Dawn lives in Indiana.

Now from Indiana, I go to Michigan. Jessica of Five Pines fame gets the How Much is that Doggy in the Window Top Banana. The Five Pines family got a new puppy for Christmas and Jessica is acting like a proud mama with all three of her canine family members. She is also proud of her husband, son, and daughter.

The last Top Banana in this post goes to Shelley, of Building A Log Cabin fame. Shelley receives the I *Heart* My Dog(and Cat) Top Banana. She posts great photos of her log cabin, cat Marvin, and new addition this past year, her dog, Scout. She also includes fantastic nature shots and sometimes she will photograph her husband, Greg.

I hope you go visit all these great blogs. Tomorrow it's back to the Buckeye state to award more Top Bananas and get a haircut. I don't want to go on job interviews looking like an aging hippy.


Margaret said...

Hi Cliff. I've been out of commission lately due to family matters. Thanks so much for the T.B. award! It's an honor. So sorry to hear about your unemployment. May 2010 bring only good things for you and Kathy.

Jessica said...

How much is that doggy in the window! I love it! Thanks so much Cliff. I think this is the 3rd year in a row I've been awarded this honor.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great job always.
Glad you have a positive attitude, this is what we can always expect from you.
Good luck with the haircut and your future job interviews. No hippies allowed. :)

Jen said...

Happy New Year Cliff!
Thanks for the bananar award. ;)
I hope 2010 brings blessings your way.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I have not won anything since 2009 ... 2010 will be a lot better, no?

Thanks so much for the mention Cliff. I will do a repost to brag a bit and also to link ALL of your top bananas at my blog too.

If there is one thing I have learned in this totally unpredictable life, it is that so many times events cause a domino effect the leads you to somewhere you would not have picked yourself. Seemingly un-related circumstances carve out a path. I will never claim to understand just how much of life is random chance, and how much is guided by the good Lord, but many times my own reflections into the past cause me to think, "Maybe that event was bad, but it ultimately led me to somewhere better".
Best wishes for the new year, and wherever it leads you.

Michelle Dawn said...

What a wonderful honor to get the T.B. Award again. Good luck on the job hunt.

Netster said...

Hello Cliff :)

All the best to your job interview :) 2010 going to be the best one for you I can be sure that woohoo

Nice to meet you


Shelley said...

Thank you dear Cliff for bestowing such a wonderful award my way! I love how you have such a diverse and interesting group of blogger friends! It says a lot about you as a person. God bless you!!

clean and crazy said...

thank you so much for this cliff, it really means a lot to me, i clicked on my own link and reread my old post, it was a real good gratitude list, i finally posted another. trying to get back in the groove and catch up with everyone!! good to see you haven't missed a step!!

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