Wednesday, January 06, 2010

And now some awards for the media folks, Top Banana style

We all know they like to get awards. But who cares about the CMA Awards, Marconis, or even an Emmy, I'm talking about the coveted Top Banana award. Some are bloggers while others have had some influence here and I want to show my appreciation to all of these good folks.

First the Tough Job, but Someone's got to do it Top Banana goes to Scott Wynn of Scott Wynn's Window fame. Scott is one half of the Wynn and Wilson Morning Show on WQMX 94.9, Akron, Ohio. He also reviews movies for The reviews along with his view of various life issues is available on his Blogger site. Scott is also a good guy and shows it in public.

Next, the Real Sweetie and Even Likes My Poetry Top Banana goes to the other half of that morning show, Sue Wilson, of Voiceover fame. I have been told by several in media how well liked Sue is and I feel it an honor that she has given me recognition over the air of some of my blogging. I will miss hearing the first part of their program while I am temporarily out of the early morning rush hour traffic.

Now I will award some Top Bananas to some without blogs.

First, Tim Daugherty, morning show host at WONE/97.5, Akron is bestowed the Professional Radio Geek Top Banana. I have shared the pressbox at high school band shows with Tim on three occasions. We always get to talking about area radio from "back in the day". Tim is very enthusiastic when he talks about it. Another thing Tim told me was about the "I like...because" post I wrote for Sue Wilson. It had been printed and posted in the mail room at the Akron Radio Center. I was flattered. Tim is a consummate professional, and a person who is in a line of work who many only dream of being in. And the most evident thing about Tim is that he is not full of himself.

The Family Values Top Banana is awarded to Don Olson, Ohio Broadcast Hall of Famer. Don made a name for himself as a radio and television newsman before hanging the microphone up and going to work as a media representative for Medical Mutual in Cleveland. One of the reasons Don left television was to be able to spend more time with his family and is very active in his boys' activities. Hhe is proud of his boys and his wife, Joyce. Don is also one of my Facebook Friends.

The No Pain, No Gain Top Banana goes to Mike Trivisonno of WTAM/1100, Cleveland. Though the times Triv has mentioned me over the air, it's always been something disparaging, I have to admit he's always good for a few extra hits here. I did have a newfound respect for Triv with the way he handled his wife's passing from cancer. I will miss his interrupting the traffic reports that I'm trying to hear as I'm driving home in the winter. And if I have my way, this will be a permanent miss.

Paul Rado, former Triv show producer gets the We Will Hear From You Again Top Banana. Paul was told he was no longer needed just before the suits went home last March. I was the second person he called with the news. His wife, understandably so, was the first. I have no doubt that Paul will come back in a big way.

All the above mentioned folks have had something to do with encouraging me to do my best, whether it be a good word from them, or an on air mention.

Next: Some I missed and honorable mentions.

Cliff Note: Things are moving a little slower than I anticipated on this blog, as I am putting some effort in getting my "ducks in a row."


Anonymous said...

Thank you Cliff.

I shall always cherish my Top Banana!

Happy 2010!


Margaret said...

Here's hoping that your ducks line up for you real soon.

The best part about Top Banana awards are that they introduce me to some interesting blogs/people.

Tim Lones said...

While I've never met Don personally, he strikes me as a real upstanding, good guy...He has been encouraging me since even before I started my blog, when I was posting more on Radio-Info and radioinsight..And you gotta love his real Polish name "Ostapowicz"..Again, thanks for the Banana..Sometimes I think you talk about me too much, but as long as its good, it is appreciated..Good luck in the job search..

Shelley said...

Sounds like a worthy bunch here!

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