Monday, January 04, 2010

Top Bananas for Buckeyes

When you last left me, I was heading back into my home state of Ohio. I have some Top Bananas to award to my Buckeye Blogging Buddies.

First, the Who Moved My Cheese Top Banana goes to Struke, of Media Matters fame. I had another one, but I had to put that back in storage for another time. The name of this award comes fromn the book, "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson MD. This book tells the story of two mice and two little people and the way they cope with change. Struke has been in contact with me this past weekend letting me know how he had coped with changed on two prior occasions when he found himself in the unemployment line. He gave me some encouragement as I am now dealing with the movement of my cheese.

The Dancing and Smiling Top Banana, goes to Daisy of Dancing with Daisy and Smiling with Daisy fame. Daisy is a librarian living in northwest Ohio, but through her husband has some Cleveland roots. Her creativity and humor makes for two very interesting blogs.

Next is the Wordsmith Top Banana. This goes to Ben of Streetpolo fame. Ben lives in Huron County and is also Margaret's brother. Like Margaret, Ben attended the College of Wooster. And also like Margaret, Ben sometimes tells stories using his photographs. But the thing most of us have appreciated about Ben's writing of late, was his participation on A-Z Mondays and his ongoing story about Xavier. Ben is also an excellent poet.

Now I have to head south and cross the Ohio River and give the I'm Blogging on the Web Near Cincinnati Top Banana. This one goes to Jeremy of Personal Thoughts/Observations fame. Jeremy is a good prayer partner and a fellow media geek. He has had his share of challenges, but faces them with a healthy attitude.

Now I need to make a stop near Canton to award the next Top Banana. The Ultimate Media Geek Top Banana goes to Tim Lones of Cleveland Classic Media fame. Tim works very hard to put out a product of amazing quality and helps us all relive the good ole' days with vivid memories. His blog is read by many of the media professionals in this area.

Heading back into my hometown of Rittman, I now award the Friend Indeed Top Banana to Brenda of Snicker*Snicker*Snort fame. Brenda has always been one of my most faithful readers, but is always good for getting in touch with me if she hasn't heard from me for awhile, making sure everything's okay.

Next: Some media types get theirs;)


Daisy said...

Thank you, Cliff! You have always been very generous in your recognition of other bloggers and encouraging your readers to get to know one another. I appreciate being included in your Top Bananas awards. :-)

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

Thanks Cliff! :) Great start to my Monday!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congratulations to all the Top Nanners!!!!
I am so glad to hear you are dealing with with your cheese movement.
Take care, Suz

Mike Golch said...

Congrats to oll the Banas winners.

Tim Lones said...

Thanks much Cliff!

Ben said...

Hey there - thanks for the kind words. That A-Z thing was a lot of fun, although it was a lot of work writing that story and squeezing in all those words with the right letters attached to them! (One minor correction for you - I went to college down the road from Wooster, in Kenyon, housed in lovely Gambier, Ohio. No college could have handled Margaret AND me! Ha!)

Margaret said...

Congrats to my brother and all the rest of the recipients from Ohio!
You are very generous to give out these yearly awards, Cliff.

struke said...

Cliff...Thank you! I'm glad I could help out. I loved the award for Tim Daugherty. He is a class act.

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