Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I got this in the mail

Out of my mailbox come an offer for a pre-approved platinum Visa card. Now at this point in my life, the last thing I need is a credit card of any kind. As I'm getting ready to shred this gem, I noticed that the annual fee for this card was $69. You know, that is quite appropriate considering what credit card companies end up doing to millions of people.


clean and crazy said...

we use cash now. we stopped using the credit cards for any of our grocery or gas purchases. we use the envelope method for our budget and i no longer call him at work to pick up a few things. even though we pay our bills off at the end of every month they still make money from the charges and they consider us deadbeats because they don't make any money off of us in interest so the customer service is crap. glad you cut it up!!

you know i thought we went to credit cards to be safer so we wouldn't get robbed, i think if i got robbed once a year it would be less then the finance charges the credit card companies make!! i will go back to cash thanks for the post

Brenda said...

Your funny!!

Jen said...

We could build a tree or three or four with all of those mailings for credit cards we get.

Ben said...

We get mad when our credit card provider keeps threatening to INCREASE our limits! Don't TEMPT us!!! (actually, we have always paid the thing off immediately, and we use it sparingly - mainly to keep gas in the car).

Michelle said...

I've never owned a credit card. Hubby had one for travelling to Africa (his bank savings card wouldn't work to draw out money in Africa), but we hardly ever used it.

Even so... they still managed to get more from us in fees and "stuff" than we spent using it. When Hubby went in to say he didn't want it anymore the bank argued with him! For months and months they refused to cancel the card, even though he kept complaining about it. No woner the world is such a mess when your bank wants you to be in debt to them... modern slavery alive and well?