Saturday, October 17, 2009

And why do I need to upgrade?

On Fridays I work at a different location. The QA lab at that plant doesn't have a radio, so I usually take my MP3 player and have an amplified speaker. I also have my earbuds, as I sometimes listen to things I want to pay extra attention to, or if another radio is playing. Problem is my MP3 player doesn't have an FM tuner. Yesterday I had my Sony Walkman AM-FM cassette player with me. My supervisor walked into the lab and told me that I needed to upgrade. I asked him why, as my Walkman still works fine. I'm also assembling myself a neat collection of cassettes from thrift shops.

I also found a new reason as I looked around the Salvation Army thrift shop in Barberton today. I was looking for something else when I came across this 20 cassette set called "The Pros Speak About Success." The collection of tapes was $1.99. I looked at the speakers in the collection and there were a few I recognized. One of note to long time readers of this blog is Mark Sanborn. Mark is a leadership expert and the author of "The Fred Factor," "You Don't Need a Title to be a Leader," and "The Encore Effect." Mark has also commented on this blog in the past when I recommended, and still do, to read "The Fred Factor." Cliff Note: Click here for my review of "The Encore Effect."

Another reason I like Mark is that he is a transplanted Buckeye. He currently lives in Denver, but had to endure "the drive " and "the fumble" along with the rest of us. He even gives an account of dealing with management at a McDonald's which I've eaten at on several occasions.

There are other speakers in the collection which I've heard of, such as Jim Cathcart, Cavett Robert, and Brian Tracy. No Zig Ziglar, so I will have to rely on iTunes for Zig.

So with my find, my Walkman is good enough and no upgrades are necessary.


clean and crazy said...

it is too bad about the fm radio not working though.
are you worried about radio going digital like television did?
that kind of upset me about no more analog, because it was great for the cable companies to get more business.

Mike Golch said...

I hope that radio does not go didital.

74WIXYgrad said...

At this point, there isn't much need for radio to go digital like television did. Some of the larger broadcast companies, such as Clear Channel and CBS, want to have HD, or hybrid digital radio. They claim that it does give a greater sound and also provides more signals for the FM band. Problem is affordability and the fact that there are so many other options for your listening.

I would love to own an HD radio, but take into consideration that I'm a radio geek and that would be a toy I could really appreciate.

I think HD will go the direction of AM stereo. I have a reader, YEKIMI, who loved the sound he got from his AM stereo. The problem is it never caught on.

Ben said...

We still have a lot of cassettes around here, and my wife still listens to books on cassette. That sounds like quite a deal for $1.99! "obsolete technologies" can be a great bargain!

struke said...

Cliff, I love the fact that you listen to motivational tapes. I read motivational books. I also occasionally pick up Success Magazine at Kroger's. It usually comes with a motivational cd.