Sunday, October 18, 2009

Have times changed that much?

Watching the latest Rittman football game, led me to wonder if the players on the sidline were told it was respectful to be quiet. How come when I was on the Highland football team in the early seventies(I won't say I played, as I spent most of my time on the sidelines) if we weren't supporting our teammates we would be getting our helmets slapped by an upperclassman and the headache my be gone before we caught the bus...on Monday morning. How come the coaches cannot instruct the upperclassmen to be leaders.

Okay, the Rittman team is now 1-7 after the 47-6 drubbing from Dalton. The one good thing was that they treat visiting announcers well in the pressbox. They also treated the visiting announcer's grandson well. Ben and I both got pizza.

For the third week in a row there wasn't marching, but I would put Rittman's band not marching against other bands marching anyday. Hopefully the Rittman field will be in good enough shape next Saturday for the band show.


YEKIMI said...

You think that's bad? Be glad you don't have to support an Akron City Series team. At a soccer game, for the City Championship, I watched as players from one team left the bench to go to the concession stand to get food or a drink, I watched as players leapt over the fence to sit for a few minutes in the stand with their friends, I watched as others got up to go to the restroom without saying a word to their coach and I watched as the coach called for one of his players to go in as a substitute and the player REFUSED to go in. The coach NEVER said word one to any of his players about their conduct. If I had been coach, my first response would have been you wanna eat/drink, you're off the team, you wanna sit with your friends, fine, you're off the team; spend the rest of the game watching those who want to play and if a player refused to go in I probably would have ripped his jersey off right then and told him to get the heck off my bench. I watched as he called one player to go into the game and he was so busy yakking in the stands with his friends that someone in the crowd told him his coach was yelling for him. So be glad you deal with Rittman and not an Akron City Series team.

Pat Jenkins said...

have you done any head slapping to some of the band memebers wixy who haven't been up to par?