Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Musing: All my friends online are super!

I was reading Terry Pluto's latest Faith and You column. It was concerning online friends. As usual, Terry's column was designed to hit home, as he writes with the person on the street in mind.

I have found in the 38 months since I have had an online presence that I have made many friends. A few who live in Northeast Ohio, I have met. A couple, I have had dinner with. There are several who exchanged Christmas cards with me last year.

I receive emails from many of you on a regular basis and many of you I forward a devotional I receive, sometimes I add a Cliff Note to them. I find in most cases, these are well received. I think we all like hearing from each other.

We are from diverse backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common; we like to communicate with each other.

I communicate with some online who are very popular while others keep to themselves. Those who keep to themselves are sometimes comfortable in that. I don't hold that against anybody, but I have been described as a "people person". While I do well with my online presence, I do my best at times as part of a group. I don't think we are made to be loners.

Now to all those who don't get out a lot I think you should do this: Go out and make conversation wherever you may go. Find some catchphrase to use as you communicate. It could be something as simple as "Have a super day." Something to get one's attention. Nothing Earth shattering. Then after you get enough smiles, tell them about all your fantastic online friends.

Come back and let us all know about your great day. Tell us about all your face to face friends.
And seeing it's the middle of October, start working on your Christmas Card lists.


Mike Golch said...

Cliff,I always enjoy the messages that you send me,I enjoy reading them.I know I am lax on responding back,as well as commenting.I truely treasure you as a blog friend.

Ms Hen said...

I'm too friendly outside.. but I used to be an introvert.

I hope someday Kathy and you are down this way...

I would love to meet her and you inperson.. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great post Cliff. I am always delighted with all of our corspondance. You are a delight.
A dry/witty delight. :)
Take care, Suz

wzzp said...

There were several times I was thinking of you this weekend, and this column was another instance when I was. I hope we regard ourselves as true friends, and brothers in Christ.

Jen said...

Sending Christmas cards is almost a dying breed. I'm glad to keep it alive.

Pat Jenkins said...

spreading ourselves around is never a bad thing... (i am talking non sexually of course)... good post wixy!

Pat Jenkins said...

spreading ourselves around is never a bad thing... (i am talking non sexually of course)... good post wixy!