Sunday, May 03, 2009

Make new friends, but keep the old...

I want to start this post by apologizing to "the bunch." I have neglected the majority of you this week and I'm sorry I did. I had some fleeting fame this past week, simply by writing a post about a friend who lost his job. Keep in mind that there are thousands of auto workers that are looking at the same fate. I have said this before and I will continue to say it. For this country to continue being the great nation it is, we have to start working on building better mouse traps.

Now I cannot write a friends based post without mentioning an award bestowed on me by Clean and Crazy, of My Recovery fame. It's good friends like her that make this worthwhile. Anyone who wants to claim this award, come and get it. It's not that I'm being lazy doing it this way. Problem is I'm behind in some of my blogging.

And to those who have started reading this blog this week, check out those on my sidebar. We all have something to say and usually say it in our own unique way. The above mentioned Clean and Crazy is a recovering addict who has taken the lemons handed to her, and some she has picked herself, and is in the process of making a very refreshing lemonade.

Another recovery blogger resides in my home area. His name is Mike Golch and his blog is called Rambling Stuff. Mike is a very compassionate blogger and an active supporter of other blogs.

And there are some radio personalities in my home area who don't regard me as a "screwball moron blogger." Note to a certain afternoon talk show host. I will get some mileage out of that. Thank you for reading my blog.
Anyway, Sue Wilson is a regular reader of this blog and others on my list. She is program director at WQMX. Her blog is titled Sue Wilson'sVoiceover. Her partner on the morning program, Scott Wynn, is another follower of this blog. He writes a blog called Scott Wynn's Window. Both blogs are on blogger and Akron News Now.

There are several Northeast Ohio bloggers which I follow and have a section designated on my sidebar for them. A very good cross section of this area's talent.

But by all means check out the others. There are those who have a terrific sense of humor as they look at their lives. Buzy Bee Suz is a great example. She writes a blog called Day By Day...My Life as a Buzy Bee. You will see that she is a little over 5 feet of very humorous dynamite.

I also have several teachers on my list. One of them is Sandy Carlson, who writes a blog called Writing in Faith. It's a great collection of photos, poetry, and general musings from her corner of the world in Conneticut.

Keep on coming around and I'll give you reason to come back and also visit my friends.


struke said...

What an honor it is to be called out by Triv. We at least should give him credit for his ability to read.

74WIXYgrad said...

I'm really not giving Triv credit for much of anything. He could have gone to bat for Paul and Marty.

Pat Jenkins said...

it's not what ya know it's who ya know!

Karen said...

Friends are what makes the world go round!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

"screwball moron blogger"???
That was going to be the name of my blog. Whew...glad I changed it, that would be embarassing.
Thanks for the shout out Cliff. I always love all your recommendations!!!
Happy Monday, Suz

Syd said...

I'm catching up on posts. Glad that you are doing well. You always think about others which is commendable.