Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Trivisonno-an insult to my intelligence

I usually get out of work at 3:30 in the afternoon, so first thing I tune into on my car radio is WTAM to listen to what Triv has to say. I didn't have to listen long until I hooked up my mp3 player for a class at my local Automobile University. Weather wasn't bad, traffic moved smoothly, so I had no need to listen, especially after he told this physical fitness expert to kiss his (rear).

As far as I was concerned the man made a valid point. People in this country are overweight and out of shape. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. It probably is hereditary, but I probably could have delayed it for a few years if I'd taken better care of myself.

Triv grew up believing "it is what it is." I have come to believe that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. After I come to know Christ as my savior, I had a pack and a half a day habit. I had some holier than thou people telling me that I was defiling my temple. Of course these folks were eating junk food. So what's worse? Neither as they are both bad for you. Overeating defiles the temple as much as smoking.

The potty mouthed people cry about their first amendment rights being taken away when they can't spew forth their foul language and who does that benefit? No one. A physical fitness expert calls Mike Trivisonno to tell him people should try to eat better and exercise more, and he's told not to call the show again and he shouldn't even listen.

Now the FCC has laws against, and levies fines on broadcast facilities that let their "talent" use words pertaining to bodily functions and sex acts. Racial slurs aren't tolerated by the community. But they can take the Lord's name in vain whenever they want. I lost count of how many times that Triv used the phrase "my god in heaven" during his monologue after he was rude to that particular caller. And I hope Triv knows that the same God he blasphemes will be the same God that judges him.

Pardon me while I download some GOOD listening material on my mp3.


WZZP said...

Amen Cliff! I heard the same converstation today coming home from a meeting at church. I was thinking the same thing you were, and shortly after turned the motor mouthed ignoramus off. Your blog hit the mark.

Mike Dane said...

Sorry Cliff But I just listened to
the show and Triv was right in what
he said. Matt was just another busy
body who wants to tell everyone
what to do. Triv's point was it's
nobody's business but yours what
you eat. He also mentioned the
smoking ban and how it is just
another step and trans-fats are
next and who knows what's after
that. Could just be your right to

Mike Dane

JimOhio12345fkaJimOhio123 said...

eating donuts and the other crap you admit to eating is part of the reason you have diabetes

note to self: excellent point

74WIXYgrad said...


I am well aware of your point, but thanks for reminding me.

Personal responsibility is something I advocate, otherwise I would try to sue Hershey, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, etc.

Thanks for reading my blog.

WIXY jrette the 1st said...

I am a mildly overweight 25 year old female. I owe the extra weight to heredity (thanks, daddy!), bad choices and my three adorable children (just turned 4 yesterday, almost 2 and 1 month). I am working to change but it is a slooooooooow process. Now that our family is complete, hopefully it will happen faster,

The ironic thing is, my chosen feild is nutrition. Right now I am a student but I see daily how what everyone eats affects everyone else. Type two diabetes, a condition typically associated with middle-agers is being diagnosed as young as three. And your insurance rates are rising in part because of it.

Personal responsibility is one thing. Having choices is good but people need to know how their choices affect themselves and others. Schools, hospitals, nursing homes etc have no right using trans fats.

I have a lab on monday morning that is concerned with producing food. We use no trans fats, no corn syrups, and our food is lower or low in sodium. We taylor the meals to the preferences and needs of the (pretend) clientele. And the food we make tastes good without all the crap.

I guess it boils down to people need to be taught. You can only do what you know.

And yet again, I am so sorry this is so long. Maybe I need my own blog? Spring break project???

wzzp said...

Hey wixy jrette the 1st...

You have a really cool dad!

wixy jrette the 1st said...

Hey, Wzzp, I know!

I am truly blessed!