Friday, February 16, 2007

On the Road Again

Once again the WIXYmobile heads to Nelsonville with a care package for WIXYjr. I also have to take him to Columbus to get his car from the mechanic. The alternator caught fire two weeks ago when he arrived at his aunt's place. His mother called him tonight to ask what he wanted from Save A Lot. He gave a brief list then said he had to go because he was on the air. He also told his mother to tell me that he got on the air before me. Oh well, I have a better blog.

Hopefully for me it will be a quick over and back, since I really need the rest.

Changing gears: I noticed this morning when I checked the message boards that someone did some cleaning over at Most of JimOhio's posts had been deleted. Now Jim can be annoying and repetitive, but what I found the most offensive was those who responded in a less than civil way to his posts. The combination of all that gave the Listening Party a very bad reputation.

I will add that when it was just the two of us interacting on the board the dialogue would be civil. Last week when everybody was encouraging me, Jim pretty much left me alone on the board, which I took as a show of respect. I don't agree with most of what Jim posted, but I tried to treat him the way I wanted to be treated. I wouldn't doubt, however that he enjoyed the reaction he got from others.


Danny said...


I hope you have a safe trip to Nelsonville. WixyJr's alternator CAUGHT FIRE!? WOW, talk about a short! Did the mechanics check for a short circuit? I hope so...

Anyway, I'm sorry if some of my retorts to Jimmy were offensive to you. I usually do not get vicious, but that guy rubs me the wrong way.

He reminds me of my barfly days-there was ALWAYS some jerk who just wouldn't shut up, and begged to be punched in the mouth!

He also reminds me of the geek who would get his head flushed in the commode by the jocks on a daily basis. No matter how many times it would happen, he just wouldn't stop asking for it. I cannot figure it out...Oh, well.

You tell Kathy I hope she gets better. I've already told you to!

We can make it!


bizdecision said...

I agree about the message boards. With or without Jim, they have been a mess. The tv board is all about perverted dreams about weather personalities. Some people really need to get a life. I never thought it would be this amazingly difficult to see an online conversation about the business that's not so juvenile.

collegedj86 said...

Where is WIXYJr. on air in the Columbus area? My school (Grove City College, PA) has a station that I've been a part of since I came to school. Is he on a college station or something in Columbus?

Whatever it is, I hope it goes well for him. Radio is so much fun to do, at least at school...

74WIXYgrad said...

WIXYjr. is on the air at the radio station at Hocking College in Nelsonville, a LPFM that reaches all around town.

He was supposed to be traibned last night, but had his "baptism under fire", as the station computer crashed before he got there. So he had to play CD's for his first air shift.