Wednesday, February 14, 2007


As I'm trying to get back into the loop, this latest round of inclement weather strikes.

I was going to have to leave early to take my wife to the doctor had I gone to work. As everybody is well aware, I have a 46 mile drive one way to work, and I couldn't even open my storm door at 4am. So not wanting to deal with any slipping or sliding, as the WIXYmobile is economical on gas, but being a Chevy Metro, it isn't the heaviest car on the road, I called off from work. That's fine, as I didn't want to watch 4x4's being driven by morons, who think they should be in NASCAR, whip past me.

I did have to go out today. As I mentioned earlier, I had to take my wife to the doctor. By the time I got out road crews did a decent job making roads passable, providing you used common sense in driving.

Funny thing is you can tell where one ODOT garages responsibility ends, and an other's begins. Heading up Ohio-57, the crews from the Burbank garage did a great job clearing the snow, and salting the roads. Once you passed Eastern Road(which is the Wayne-Medina County line), the situation changed. I know that the reason is that in Wayne County, 57 is the main drag from Orrville to Medina. In Medina County, things are somewhat different.

Hopefully everybody who reads this today is doing it from a computer in the warmth and safety of their own homes.

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