Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday and nothing planned

It's been said that when you fail to plan you plan to fail. Well my plan this weekend was not to go any further than maybe Fairlawn. And also not to go to any emergency rooms.

My wife got called into work for about three hours today, but the case(she's a home health aide) is in town. So I decided to take some time to blog.

I forgot a birthday this week: I ought to be ashamed of myself. Being a fan I should have been aware of February 21. Yes, it was the 59Th anniversary of the National Association of Stock Car Automobile Racing, or NASCAR for short. So you know that there will be a big celebration next year. I just started watching NASCAR in 2003. Before that I was one of those who didn't see the sense of cars driving round and round for anywhere from 100 to 500 laps. Since then I have realized that it is indeed a team sport with the driver being the most notable part of the teams. Being one who has followed Cleveland sports teams, I have soured from watching good players go to so called greener pastures. In NASCAR, your favorite driver might go from driving a Ford to driving a Chevy, but he's always at the same track competing with the others week after week.

I will be so glad when winter is over this year. My wife and I have been talking about walking and riding bikes when the weather finally breaks and it gets dark later. I know that I need the exercise badly, and it probably will be good for my mental state. And with the kids all grown, we need the time together for just us.

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wixy jrette the 1st said...

My mom...on a bike??? Are you sure she wasn't abducted by aliens??? Has the world finally ended??? Are they seving frozen cokes down below???