Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something I'm grateful for

This blog gets some of the same readers as Ohio Media Watch, but I'm not nearly as popular. But then OMW provides a very valuable service to those who want to keep up on media happenings.

All I want to do is inform, entertain and inspire my small, but loyal, audience.

The other day OMW reported on a radiothon Akron/Canton radio station WKDD was having for Akron Children's Hospital, a facility that's probably touched the lives of almost everyone who reads these words. OMW then received about 24 comments on this particular post, the first by myself. All I posted was a "Well done". Others wanted to question the integrity of the radio station and the owners, Clear Channel. I am not the biggest Clear Channel fan, but I think that some of the rude comments were completely uncalled for. At least when somebody makes allegations like that they could have the guts to sign their names to the comment. OMW wisely closed comments to that article.

I checked again and there were 27 responses before OMW closed the comments. 02/15/07 11:40am

OMW is in the process of making changes to the comment section of his blog, and I don't blame him.

I am more than grateful that most of the comments here are signed by the commentators. And those that are not are civil enough that I don't have to worry about deleting them. Since I've been writing this I have only deleted one comment, and that was a misunderstanding on my part.


collegedj86 said...

I concur about the unnecessary slamming of CC Akron/Canton. After all, they could have decided to abandon the money-raising program and played more music. The sheer fact that they did something to benefit those in need should be worthy of applause in my book.

As to your earlier post... the county line makes a difference only because of one thing... the interstate. But you already knew that.

Mike Dane said...

I freely admit that I am no fan
of CC (corporate) but I applaud
the WKDD staff and local CC people
on this wonderful effort to help
support Children's Hospital.
This is one of the things where
radio stations and people drop
their differences for a common
Huzzah! for all involved.

Mike Dane

WIXY Jrette the 1st said...

Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron has been an amazing help in life. Two of my children have had surgery there, they gave my son his voice with a wonderful ST and there audiology department gave my daughter the gift of sound. My son recieved PT, OT and feeding therapy. We have also seen urology, developmental pediatrics, and genetics.

In a few months, my newborn will have testing done there and the results of the genetic testing from his placenta will come to us from there. During the brief time we thought Silas would need a NICU stay, I was able to be confident in the staff.

My children are treated like people, I am treated with respect and my wishes are obeyed. I don't care about the politics or integrity of the radio station. To me, the kids are the most important thing. A teddy bear for a scared toddler can make all the difference and at CHMCA, they know that.

Sorry this is so long but I had a lot to say.