Saturday, February 03, 2007

Staying warm as it's about to get frigid

I was going to call this post quick hits, but I copy OMW's style enough as I try to put out something to inform and entertain those who stop this way.

First a plug for my friend the Danemeister. He's puts out a general blog where he touches areas of interest to him, such as what I try to do in this space. He's also the host of the request show from 9:00pm to Midnight on the Sunday Oldies jukebox. Maybe when I finally get a vacation, I will go to Streetsboro on that Sunday night and take him some Hartzlers. It might sweeten his disposition.

As some of the readers will be nesting in front of their televisions tomorrow to enjoy the big game, my church, the South Main Street Church of God, in Rittman will be having the sooper bowl of praise. The mispelling was intentional, copyright problems, you know. The festivities start with a praise gate party at 4:00. My prediction of who will win the game? You can't argue with statistics, it's always the team that has the most points at the end of the game.

Just took a look at the latest edition of The Post, delivered to my door. Nothing earth shattering. Noticed in the Moment with the Mayor column, Bill Robertson makes mention that some Rittman band members will be participating in the honors band concert tomorrow in Wooster, and I wish them well.

Got my taxes done today, and for once I don't owe the city anything, so they won't get a visit from me at the last minute. I still get taxed 2% in Cleveland, but can only get credit for 1.5% of that for Rittman. Can anybody say taxation without representation? For what the city of Cleveland has done for me, they should be paying me.

Keep warm the next couple of days, and put an emergency kit in your cars just in case...See you later.

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Mike Dane said...

I am sitting here laughing.
You are welcome to stop up
if you are interested and
don't have to bring any of
that good ice cream, but
please let me know ahead of
time so I can clear it with
the boss.
Stay warm.

Mike Dane