Thursday, February 15, 2007

We miss our grocery store

The past couple of days was proof that we need a store to replace the now defunct Rittman IGA. It's now been over three months and still no word of a replacement. People were going around town Tuesday evening, cleaning out the perishables at both the Family Dollar and Dollar General. Wadsworth in inclement weather becomes a major trip.

Some word that I have heard around town was what really doomed the IGA was mismanagement.

I went around town this evening to get my wife, who has been ill, some ice cream. She wanted moose tracks, however I stopped at four stores, Stop N Go, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, and the Rittman Quick Mart, and no moose tracks, so she had to settle for peanut butter cup. And I had to settle for paying about 6 dollars for 1.75 quarts. That's right, not even a half gallon!

We need you Save A Lot!

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Anonymous said...

I was so sad I had to drive all the way to Wadsworth just for a head of lettuce!!
I miss the IGA too!!
Hope all is well, Take care.