Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well, I made it back to the ranch(style of my house)

This morning I hopped in the WIXYmobile at about 6am to head south to Nelsonville. Trip was fine till I got south of Mansfield, when I met old man winter. Next thing I found out was I was out of "blue juice" or windshield washer fluid. That was when I decided to get off the freeway to tend to other needs. So a cup of coffee, a snack, and the necessary washer fluid, and I was on my way. Light snow and some blowing until I got into Columbus. Then the fun began(I'm being sarcastic). The freeway then became a mess. Between Columbus and Nelsonville I stopped twice. Once for a restroom break, and once because I was fighting snow blindness.

US 33 was sloppy. I saw a few vehicles off the road, but the worse thing I saw was a pick-up truck which had been pulling a horse trailer. It had rammed into the back of an ODOT salt truck. The front end was mangled badly and there were a couple of emergency vehicles, along with three police cars on the scene.

Well I got to the college later than I planned, but earlier than WIXYjr. expected. WIXYjr., being low on food was fixing himself hot dogs for breakfast. I brought him some food, so he put it away and then it was off to Micky D's for some real(?) breakfast.

Then it was off to Ashville to pick up my wife's brother in law since he knew where the WIXYjrmobile was being kept. We got the car, I paid for the repairs(the bearings on the alternator seized, causing it to catch fire) then I headed north. The trip back was much better.

As I mentioned in the comments of my last post, Adam was supposed to have his training at the campus radio station WLCI-LPFM. However before he got there the computer at the station crashed. The station manager told him to play CD's and tell the audience the title and artist. I suppose it could have been worse. He could have had to cue up some vinyl. I could just imagine him "wowing" some records.

Now for an unrelated rant: Last night I went to Save A Lot in Orrville to get some items to take to WIXYjr. I had noticed when I was walking through the parking lot that whomever had been plowing the lot had piled snow in some handicapped parking spaces. As one who has had mobility problems in the past(and a handicapped permit that has since expired), I notice this alot, and I feel that anybody who does this should be fined heavily. Many folks who are in worse shape than I ever have been need those spots, whether they have arthritis, heart problems, or difficulty breathing.


collegedj86 said...

Ouch... a crashed computer?

I remember when our studio computer went out of commission at WSAJ last school year; it wouldn't boot up even. We went without a computer for over a semester, and a lot of the DJs were going crazy initially trying to run the two CD players in the studio (you can see our studio setup at

However, I still to this day use the two CD players back and forth to do my show. I kind of like the control I can exert over crossfading and the like. Plus, since my Christian rock music isn't the main format of the station, most of the music I play isn't on our studio computer anyway. I use the computer for bed music, weather/news, and the occasional liner or promo.

Glad you had a safe trip in the squirrelly weather... I was out with some friends in it Saturday night around Youngstown and it was definitely less than optimal driving conditions.

BizDecision said... didn't stop at Buehler's in Orrville?