Monday, February 12, 2007

Trying to get back on track

Dealing with depression: I was first diagnosed with depression this past August, about a week or so before starting this blog. I've seen symptoms of it sometime before that. After the August diagnosis, I was prescribed Prozac, which seemed to work fine until Super Bowl Sunday, when I found myself in the emergency room at Akron City Hospital. I then followed it up with a 36 hour stay at St. Thomas Hospital.

Only reason I wrote the above paragraph is to let others know that help is available in case you feel helpless and can't figure how to cope. At the very least, find someone to talk to. I am talking to a twelve stepper at work and getting some pointers from him(for the record, I don't drink) I am seriously thinking about going to an Emotions Anonomyous meeting sometime soon.

Stick and stones may break my bones: But words spoken, e-mailed, and posted last week made me feel great. A poster named "larrydolan" had noticed that I had not posted in the past few days before that and wondered where I was. My first response was to let others know that I wasn't mad at anybody, but that I was dealing with "personal issues". In my next post, I did mention that I was dealing with depression. I then got several posts in response to that one, basically telling me that I had their prayers and/or support. I got more support than I expected. Thanks everyone.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Baker: We went to Columbus Saturday in the MrsWIXYmobile to attend the wedding of our nephew, Josh Baker. First thing I was told when I got to the church, from the parents of the groom was that they were praying for me last week. The wedding itself was a real great affair(the groomsmen and preacher came out to the theme for "cops"-bad boys, bad boys). After the ceremony we were walking through the line of the wedding party shaking hands when the bride, Torri, hugged me and told me that she had been praying for me and said that she couldn't imagine getting married without me there. She made me feel special on her special day.

I will be fine.


Anonymous said...

Yes i can relate. I lost my job with a food brokerage after 20years
due to "corporate" downsizing. 2 months later and collecting unemployment i learned i had a degenerative disc in my back and i also herniated a disc in my back. Having no health insurance i chose the chiropractor route. This proved successful but it took a long time. Depression was overwhelming. At times i didnt want to go on the pain was so unbearable. Not being able to do things like yardwork, gardening caused severe depression. With the help of Dr. Case chiropractor in canton i was able to make a 90% recovery(degenerative discs will never heal) but with his adjustments it shouldn't get worse along with my own personal therapy (walking , stretching) Its now been 4 years and i am not an any medication. Also in the past year i was able to go back to work, but with the economy, its now half of what i was making. my depression has faded away although it does seem to get worse in the winter and i have opted for light therapy which is extremely helpful. I hope you overcome your depression, i'm sure you will. sometimes it takes time.
thank you,

Danny said...


Good to see you on the mend-I've been worried.

Prayers DO work-I've been sober for 2 1/2 weeks now!!

Grab it by the "stacking swivel".