Saturday, April 05, 2008

Repost: I like Liquid because.....

Cliff Note: To commemorate Liquid's blog going public once again I want to repost this, which was post 500 originally.

I want to start this post with this fact: Most folks who read my blog that reside outside of Northeast Ohio would not be reading it if I hadn't discovered Liquid last June. Through Liquid Illuzion, I discovered Pilgrim, Frasypoo, Bella, Amias, Mel Kaye, and Chelle. Through those blogs I discovered others and others discovered me. and I have had the privilege of introducing Liquid to my base here in Northeast Ohio. Those who I personally know that read my blog have mentioned that Liquid Illuzion is one of their blog stops after checking what I have to write. Liquid's fans include my oldest daughter, Martha.

A great friendship begins: Lets back up to last July. I was surfing the blogs by clicking the "next blog" button. I come up to this blog called Liquid Cowgirl(this blog has since been retired). My first mention of Liquid was July 3. The next day she made her first comment here. I had sent her a "greetings from a fellow blogger" email, with the hopes I would get at least an acknowledgement. Suzanne sent me a very kind reply, complimenting me about the content of my blogs. My next post was a rip off of one of hers, you might be from Mississippi if: Believe me, in the past 8 months I have probably learned to type Mississippi in my sleep. Mississippi is my favorite four letter word. Think about it. As reference to a song, I started referring to Liquid as my Mississippi Queen. She then commented that she couldn't be a Mississippi queen without her Ohio King. Another time I had posted a picture I received in my work email. The picture itself was funny, but Suzanne noticed that there was a reference to an adult oriented website. Lesson learned. I proofread better nowadays.

Happy Birthday to you: As my readers know, if I find out when your birthday is, you will get a greeting on this page. I found out Liquid's but also found out that she likes to celebrate it in style. Her birthday, by the way is August 13. That was also the first day we heard each other's voice, as we spent my lunch break on the phone with each other.

One day devoted to...Me! I was the star on Liquid Illuzion last August 27, which was the one year anniversary of my blog. I did a series of posts that week, including this one devoted to my friend of, at that time, less than two months. There are several of us here who probably feel that we've known Suzanne all of our lives. Suzanne spent the day posting picture after picture, commemorating the anniversary.

There have been times when Suzanne has had other obligations in her very busy life, but always sends me an email to let me know that I am important, and she will be back blogging soon. I have emailed others and they always tell me that they are good friends with Liquid and that does not surprise me in the least. Suzanne treasures all the friendships she has made online and sets a very good example for all of us to follow by the way she expresses herself in the comment section of all the blogs.

Lately, Liquid's world has been falling down all around her, but she has found the time to continue her friendships online. She has friends because she knows how to be a friend.


Liquid said...

I am speechless.
I am humbled.
I am me.
I am changed.
I am still the same.

Just more greatful.

So Much~

Liquid said...


Liquid said...



Liquid said...

Now I'm full!


Bella said...

Suzanne, you are all of the above and MORE!!!

Love ya'!


Monday through Sunday said...

It is amazing how we are connected with others through this blogging adventure. Great stuff!

Amias said...

Oh my, I thought I left a comment here ... as Liquid is dear to me. It's good to see that she is loved and appreciated by others. Thanks for reposting this, it allowed me to pay due honor and tribute to one that is so kind.