Thursday, April 03, 2008

How about antibiotics?

I belong to a Yahoo group called Wayne County Freecycle. Members of this group can either post messages to give away items they no longer need, or post a message if they want something in hopes another member has a like item they no longer need. Freecycle has many regional groups and has been written up in many publications and websites.

I got this message in my email yesterday.

"I have a small yard and need a pus lawn mower in working condition."

Guess it was a harder winter than I thought. Wonder how their yard got infected?


Bella said...

Freecycle is soo cool!

You get 5 GREEN stars today Cliff!

:) Bella

Diamond said... funny!!

Pilgrim said...

Whoa. And I thought our winters were bad.

Pilgrim said...

AND...the Jays did their part puting a tick in the Evil Empires loss column last night. Let's hope they can put them in the negatives tonight.

I expect the Indians to follow suit.

Monday through Sunday said...


Amias said...

Now this is too funny! I wonder how "pus" got there in the first place? It's must be made of plastic if the earth didn't absorbed it.