Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I like Chelle because....

Early February, my family was going through it's latest crisis. Liquid put a prayer request for me and my family on her site. One of the bloggers who saw this and came over here to give her support was Chelle. So, being the good guy blogger I am, I went to her blog, Life is What You Make it, to check her out.

I found we have some things in common. She's a behavorial health worker and I'm a behavorial health recipient. We both also think the world of Liquid. Chelle is a cousin of Liquid's soon to be ex-husband, but even after the legal relationship ends the two intend to be closer than sisters.

Soon after we got on each other's blog rolls, Chelle responded to a challenge to go through the alphabet, a letter a day. She was also supposed to post a picture for it. So when she got to "C" she originally posted about "creativity." I left a comment that she hadn't posted a picture and gave her a suggestion on a "c" post with a picture . She then wrote another paragraph about me, complete with my picture.

Chelle was also there for me when my brother passed away last month. She was one of the people who wrote a post in his memory. And she left a message in the online guest book.

Chelle is currently on the injured list after participating in the dangerous sport of gardening.

Chelle also has a poetry blog, Thoughts From My World. Check it out, as she is very creative.


Chelle said...

Thanks Wixy!
i look forward to having more "visitors" that travel my way after reading your blog.
You are the greatest!!!!!

Martha said...

I love Chelle!!!!!

Monday through Sunday said...

too sweet!!

Liquid said...

Chelle is my favorite cousin in the whole wide, wide, crazy world.

There are not enough nice kind sweet words in the English language to describe her and her love for others.

But WIXY, you did her a super justice!