Monday, April 21, 2008

New blog by a current friend using a slightly different name.

Update 04/23/08: Diamond explains her "Nonsense" blog in one of her posts today.

I have known for awhile that Diamond, of A Day in The Zone fame, is also known throughout Bloggerita-ville(copyright Liquid) as Diamond Sapphire and under that name has a blog called "Nonsense, Fun, Tears, Happiness, and Anger all rolled into one." This blog deals more into Diamond's personal life than A Day in the Zone. Since we all aim to lift each other up and are supportive to each other, I recommend you all check it out. I always like to support a fellow quality inspector.

Also be in prayer for Diamond's family, as she has a sister in law who is in some legal trouble. That is the topic of Diamond's latest A Day in the Zone post.

Oh and the "Nonsense" blog is Diamond's first blog. Enjoy your visit there while you catch up on her life as you get to know our friend better.

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Liquid said...

Thanks for the info on Diamond's new blog.

I am off to visit!