Monday, April 07, 2008

Another blooper from Freecycle

Seeing that I am in a sarcastic mood today, I will post something I found on Wayne County Freecycle.

wanted...carpit for my liveing room

There were other bloopers in this posting, but I like the subject line.

I would like to know what a "carpit" is? Is this a place to park your vehicle? Why would you want it in your "liveingroom"?

When Kathy and I were first married, my 10 speed was in our living room. Of course if I had a carpit, I could have parked that along with both our cars there.

I wish Yahoo Groups would have a spell check. Well, maybe not. It helps when you want to exercise your pet snark.


Pat Jenkins said...

boi youu dew a greet jub of pointeng out grammaticel errers wixy. i havee a problim witt thiis twwo. maybee yoo coold help mi out?

74WIXYgrad said...

Your grammer is good Pat. And so is your speling.

Liquid said...

I am sometimes, too passionate when I write.........I forget to click on that special little icon.....

Geeeeeaeze, but then again, when I just doesn't "GET" my Southern diah'a'leckt!

74WIXYgrad said...

One thing to keep in mind: Things from Yahoo groups are fair game. Most of those people don't come here, and I don't identify them.

PJ is fair game. I know he will get back at me in some way.

Other bloggers are not fair game, as part of my mission is to help them in any way I can.

You have to realize that I have one reader going to school for his masters degree and another studying for a PHD. I don't want to rile them.

Amias said...

Sometimes what some consider bad "grammar" is simply another "broken" take on the America English.

I understand most "broken English dialect", it bothers me when someone else, instead of understanding others dialect, simply rate them as a person with bad "grammar".

Of course Cliff, I know you are not like this --- but there are so many that are.

Education is information of someone else's experiences, and most of it does not help us in our day to day lives. It's all based on individual choice, so it is with the many "broken dialects" of the America English, as compared to English spoken in the Old country.

After all, the only true language in American is spoken by Indians, and look how many languages they have.

Martha said...

Amias said:After all, the only true language in American is spoken by Indians, and look how many languages they have.

My reply: Oh my goodness! You would not believe the number of people who ask me when my daughter will learn to speak "American" so she can be a citizen. I just put on my dumb face and say "she speaks a more American language than yours: American Sign Language.