Wednesday, April 09, 2008

From the Mailbag

Tim Daugherty, morning show host at 97.5/WONE, part of the locally owned and operated Rubber City Radio Group, responded to an email I sent him. Last Friday, I was listening to an exchange between him and his co host, Christi Nichols. They were talking about the weather, and giving an impromptu forecast. Tim used to be the weather man at WAKC-TV 23, or as he once told me, he wasn't a weather man. He just played one on TV. He said it would be sunny on Sunday. Tim said when he was young he thought Sunday was named that because the day was always sunny. Christi said she thought because of the way it was spelled Wednesday was a day for weddings I emailed Tim, using the fact that we met during marching season, as he's the announcer for the St. Vincent-St. Mary high school marching band. I told him that with his sense of humor he would make a good blogger. His response was that his boss wants him to start a blog on I responded back, telling him that I would publicize it, as you all know I would.

I was contacted by another 1974 graduate of the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique. He was looking for some information about Jack Armstrong when he came upon this site. He told me that he was on the air on WIXY/1260 and he was going to send a link to one of his friends, also a WIXY alumni. He was excited buecuse of the content of my blogs since he was a Christian. Come back anytime but next time tell me your name. Cliff Note: Anybody looking for information about Jack Armstrong, real name John Larsh go to the WIXY/1260 tribute site, where webmmaster Ray Glasser has put together a nice tribute to Big Jack.


stacys1175 said...

just stoped by to say HI!!! and hope your doing well:)

Liquid said...

When I grow up, I wanna' be a Majorette!


struke said...

Tim Daugherty is one of the coolest guys I ever worked with. Super nice too. People at the station called me "Buck" because I looked young like a "young buck." Tim is a great guy and hope all is well with him.

Essence said...

Just wanted to let you know I stopped by and read some of your posting.