Friday, April 11, 2008

I Like Melanie Because......

Melanie has been one of my most constant supporters here since I've added her to my blogroll. And every time I post one of these I Like...because... posts, she is one of the first, not only to comment here, but to go over to the blog I'm supporting. And she's also a caffeine freak!

Melanie writes a blog called Monday Through Sunday. The title itself reminds us that we should behave like Christians 7 days a week. The blog is Christ centered and gives us something to think about whenever we go there, and usually it's in devotional form.

I met Melanie through Pat Jenkins and Frasypoo. Melanie, like Frasypoo put great value in God and country and are politically active in the blogosphere.

Story about Melanie: Last month, Melanie and her family was geting ready to move from Colorado to Florida. During all the necessary preparation, she took time out to visit everybody's blogs and also took the time to post a comment in the online guest book for my brother after he passed away. And by the way I want to thank everybody who wrote a comment. My family appreciated all comments. she has that thing about "Christian bloggers" down pat
Go read Monday Through Sunday. You'll enjoy it!


Monday through Sunday said...

Wow! I am totally speechless..thank you!

Pat Jenkins said...

wahooo for miss monday!!!!

kasper794 said...

I'll look in on it!

Amias said...

I enjoyed reading her blog.

I clicked on it from your side bar sometimes ago. But it's good to be reminded to go back again. Thanks!