Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another Award for Me Being Me

Diamond, of "A Day in the Zone" fame, has awarded me with this latest honor.

As she bestowed this on me, here's what she had to say: "If you know Cliff then you know he has to be one of the most kind hearted bloggers I have met. He always has something nice to say or a great blog to promote. He has been one of, if not my biggest promoter for A Day In The Zone and for that I am sooo thankful."

Thank you Diamond. As long as you put out a good blog I will promote you.

Diamond has a very worthy mission in the writing of A Day in the Zone, and that is to help others, while she is trying to help herself. Once again, if you are looking for some inspiration in a quest to shed some pounds, or are looking for some tips to live a healthier lifestyle, give Diamond a visit. Or if you want to add a new friend on your blogroll, go on over and get to know her. She's a sweetheart.


Pilgrim said...

Congratulations Cliff, I concur with Diamond.

...And Diamond does have a most worthwyhile blog that everyone should take time to visit. Very motivating,.

Liquid said...

Yes Cliff,
The award fits you well, dear sir!

And Diamond is a jewel!
She motivates me on so many different levels......

She, like you, ROCKS!

Diamond said...

Thanks all!! (Sniff, Sniff,not being sarcatsic)