Saturday, April 19, 2008

Are you full of yourself?

The other week I was looking on the message boards. Those I spend the most time on are the radio boards. One of these boards have been having an ongoing discussion on an incident which happened over 20 years ago. One of the people involved has been giving his account and others have been countering with what could be construed as hearsay.

One of the posters, not involved in the discussion, posted that he thought the person involved in the incident was "full of himself."

It's my belief that anyone in any broadcast medium has to be in some degree, full of themselves, if they are to do a credible job. I also feel that anyone using vocal talents has to have faith in their talents and feel that people want to hear what they want to say. I say that, being the loudest high school band announcer in northeast Ohio. I know people want to hear me, just sometimes not so loudly.

I would even go as far as to say that us bloggers have to have enough self confidence to think that there are folks who want us to post often that we feel that we let our friends down if we aren't posting every day or two.

So being a little full of yourself is a necessary tool if you want to put out a good blog. Use it wisely.


Tim Lones said...

Interesting thoughts Cliff:
I have been following the discussion at that "place" about the situation mostly because its been somewhat interesting and thought provoking compared to 90 percent of the "drivel" that is usually posted on that particular board.

I will say I do'nt know the genteleman that is the focus of the discussion in person ..While he may be "full of himself" to a degree..He seems like a regular, upfront guy. This person was kind enough to leave a comment wishing me luck on my blog when I started last year. For not knowing me from Adam, he didnt have to do that..shows quite a bit of class I think..

struke said...

WIXY...what is being discussed that happened 20 years ago? Is it the thread about Michael Stanley?

Other than that, it's tough going back to that board because of all the posts about Rover. It's says a lot about Cleveland radio when the two most written about personalities are Rover and Triv. That's pretty bad.

Liquid said...

Good Lord, I hope not.
I am a mouthful, but not, filling!

Liquid said...

I meant to say........


Monday through Sunday said...

A little bit I suppose...hopefully not too much! LOL