Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Media Matters" Student Rant pushes a button

Those who visit around my blogroll are familiar with the blog, Media Matters. Struke is a teacher who wishes to change the world in whatever way he can. He has allowed one of his students to post their views on a topic of their choice. This student rant appears once a week, and the chosen student receives extra credit for their efforts.

This weeks rant has caught my eye and I wanted to post my response here. This is two fold. One is my response may be long and the most important reason I am posting it here is to promote a very well written rant.

The rant is by Jayme from Mayfield. Her topic is exaggerated stereotypes in media. Jayme looks at these from a Christian point of view and how people take extreme examples and make them the rule, rather than the exception.

In my opinion, Jayme is someone wishing to make a change in a medium that needs change. Jayme desires to be salt of the Earth, or as the late Bob Briner put it a Roaring Lamb.

Roaring Lambs is a book written by Briner, who was a media executive. He wanted to see Christians in the mainstream making a difference, feeling that it was easier to change from within instead of trying to force it from the outside.

Mark Sanborn, the author of The Fred Factor, and You Don't Need a Title to be a Leader, had sent me a copy of Roaring Lambs. Mark is a Roaring Lamb himself. And Mark, if you are reading this post, I encourage you to go on over to Media Matters and read Jayme's student rant. I hope others do the same and encourage Jayme with your comments.


Amias said...

Coming from someone so young, Jayme wisdom, more than anything else, impressed me. Her rant was "spot on" ... and I salute Struke .. he is a wonderful teacher, who teaches by example. BRAVO to both!

struke said...

WIXY...thanks for the plug. When you read writings by young folks like Jayme, you've got to think there's still hope for this generation!