Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My favorite local author will be in town

Well a town close by. I got this text message from my daughter that Terry Pluto is going to be at the Wadsworth Library this coming Saturday at 2pm. He's going to give a talk about his new book, "The Franchise- LeBron James and the Remaking of the Cleveland Cavaliers." I hope to be there, as I want Terry to autograph a book for a good friend.

Many of us who live in northeast Ohio can really identify with Terry because he's one of us. A lifelong Cleveland sports fan, starved for a major championship. I have always felt at ease when I've communicated with Terry, either in person or via email. Like me, he's a born again Christian, and we are also close in age as he's about 4 months older than me.

Terry writes a sports column for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Twice a month he writes a column called "Faith and You," touching on faith topics from a layman's point of view.

And since it's also the beginning of baseball season, I am going to make Terry my featured author on my sidebar. Check out the links for books about sports and faith,


Liquid said...

Hey, I love book signings!
You know, we blog with some of the most talented writers I've ever read!

Have a super day today!

74WIXYgrad said...

You do the same Liquid.

You did a fantastic job giving that party for Bella yesterday.

And yes, we do blog with some pretty fantastic writers. And everybody we blog with are great people.

Bella said...

I love books and that really does sound so exciting!

Any opportunity to meet a writer is pretty cool!

Have fun.