Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ONE YEAR OF BLOGGING: Next Blog? Liquid Refreshment

Cliff Note:Due to some unfortunate changes in Suzanne's life, I have done some editing from the original post.

There is a "button" at the top that says "next blog." You click on it and it takes you to another blog randomly. I did this in my pre blog days when I used to check out Ohio Media Watch. You might go to someones political views, to a collection of poems, to a list of new technology, to just about anything. Or since this is the world wide web, you might come across some blogs that you can't read because of the language.

About two months ago I come across a blog called "Liquid Cowgirl." I was fascinated by the photographs contained there. I scrolled down and found some humorous stories. Then it dawned on me. this person has the same warped sense of humor that I have. I clicked on her profile and found that "Liquid" had two other blogs. I had to check them out. I left some comments on her blog. She checked mine out. I emailed her. She responded. We became friends.

My home in Rittman, Ohio is 837 miles from Liquid's home in Mississippi according to Mapquest. However it's only one mouse click from WIXY's Gone Bananas to Liquid Illuzion. I take the one click trip (Neil Zurcher reference) daily, as I do other blogs. Most of the time I see that she's been hard at work to entertain and inform others.

Liquid's real name is Suzanne Horne. She makes about as much effort to hide her identity as I do to hide mine.

Suzanne is the devoted mother of 6 children. Suzanne is proud of her family. She would fit in well in the Northeast Ohio blogging community, at least in my circle. But then again, that's why she's in my circle. Suzanne is also a professional photographer, as you can see much of her work on her blog, listed in a special place on my side bar.

When Suzanne blogs, she is in a different world. She looks at it through blue(for liquid)colored glasses and everyday troubles are set aside. She blogs to make us feel better. Like me, those closest are allowed to go for the ride as she has featured other members of her family in her posts.

Suzanne has also been an inspiration to me, in the way to present photos in my blog. Quite often she let's the picture do the talking

Two weeks ago she celebrated her birthday on her blog, "Liquid Illuzion". I noticed and wished her a happy birthday here. She then proceeded to post birthday facts on hers while commenting on all the posts on the front page here. Suzanne, like myself, treats her birthday as her own personal holiday. That day I also phoned her. We spent my lunch break in conversation. Let me tell you, she has a great laugh. I felt that even though it was her birthday, I'm the one who got the present. Friendship is a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted and everybody should have a friend like her. I have gotten traffic from her blogs and I will promote the heck out of her work. I've also gotten some new friends to this blog, via my link on Liquid Illuzion. That's right If you know of a good product let others know.

I don't know if we will ever meet, but if we ever do, I will take her a Ghoulardi t-shirt, an order of Milich's chicken, Hartzler's ice cream(on dry ice) and an autographed picture of Mike Trivisonno. I'm also taking along the WIXYcam so she can give me pointers.

Next:Other friends from outside of Northeast Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind Liquid, but I have your Love/Hate picture on my desktop wallpaper. My therapist also loves it!

Thanks to WIXY I found Liquid~

DubLiMan said...

Thanks for your comment on my Attitude post. It added some much needed humor to it.

DubLiMan said...

I would consider Zig Zigler as one of my unofficial mentors.

Liquid said...

WOW! I got in late last night from a photo shoot and could barely hold my eyes open but....you know me....clicked onto your page to see what I had missed during the day and ......... WOW ....... I was speechless ........ I went on to bed with the warmest heart, a smile on my face and dreamt all night about what to say......how to tell you, and Pilgrim how grateful I am to have met you both.
WIXY, my life has been enriched in so many ways over the past couple of years and well, making your acquantance has just put the sugar in my sweet tea! You continue to ROCK!

Liquid said...

Oh........and I am humbled by your kind words.

74WIXYgrad said...


Mel, aka, Monday Morning Power awarded us both with the Blogging star award. It may be redundant, but Liquid Illuzion will get another award from me. I see your work has touched many lives and I hope it will touch many more from my home base here in Northeast Ohio