Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ONE YEAR OF BLOGGING:Reaching out for more friends

Physically, I have never been farther north than Detroit, Michigan, no farther east than Long Island, no farther south than Birmingham, Alabama, and no farther west than Terre Haute, Indiana. But my blog has been around the world. a look at the site meter tells me that I've been viewed in most states, and many countries. I click on some of the referring url's and I see other blogs referring me as well as many search engines, some in languages I don't read.

Last post was about Liquid, a friend I would have never known, had it not been for the world wide web. Because of her, I am now expanding my reach outside of Northeast Ohio. Here are some of my new friends.

Pilgrim: He lives in Nova Scotia. His blog, Pilgrim's Scrawl, deals with his everyday life-his family, his job, his interests. Like myself, Pilgrim is a born again Christian who is not ashamed to mention it, or his latest Bible study in his blog. Pilgrim's wife, Virtue, and his children, Little Pilgrim and Baby Pilgrim, are subjects for posts also. He uses his teachable moments to teach us a lesson. Pilgrim introduced me to one of his friends north of the border:

Steve Malloy: His blog, Being Steve, gives us a humorous view in his personal, and sometimes professional life. He posted earlier this week about what he found out when he googled his own name.

Monday Morning Power: His real name is Mel Kaye, he hails from California, and writes a blog called Attitude, the Ultimate Power. Being one who enjoys reading motivational material, Mel's writings to me are enjoyable when I need a mental pick me up.

I urge you to check out all three of these blogs. If you find something you like, leave a message, as they always appreciate feedback. It lets them know that they're doing the job they set out to do, and that's to entertain and inspire. One note however: last time I checked, Steve's blog did not have comments enabled for the general public. Hopefully that will be rectified in the future.


Liquid said...

A big "Hat's Off" to these wonderful bloggers, as I too enjoy them daily! I feel so blessed to have met and maintained a wonderful friendship with each of you!

Pilgrim said...

Thank you very much for the mention and kind words Cliff. I really enjoy your blog and consider it a blessing to experience the gamut of intellectual and emotional experiences reading your blog.

I'm actually in New Brunswick but don't tell anyone as it may blow my annonymity :). On second thought, Nova Scotians are pretty decent people so I don't mind being associated with them.

Thanks again Brother!